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Totally Off Topic... Fence Posts

What is not being talked about here is the person wearing a toque with gloves or is it a baseball cap with sleeves rolled up or down?
When working with fence posts it is advisable to wear gloves. A toque is optional, and a ball cap is far more comfortable.

There is no requirement to wear gloves when wearing a toque. Or a ball hat.

I have spoken.
The only thing I would add is this can require a lot of gravel fill. I do something similar, but use the concrete forms (the oversized cardboard toilet rolls) with the post in it with gravel fill, then fill in around it with whatever soil/clay came out of the hole.

Unless you are digging it by hand, which is a massive amount of work. I''ve done that before as well and it sucked when I was in my 20s, let alone in my 40s. Usually the augers on the tractors etc are oversized specifically so you can locate the concrete form properly then backfill around it before setting the post and pouring concrete. But even then used to have some gravel in the bottom to get the post roughly level before the pour, and make sure there is drainage at the bottom.

Ya Im going with sonotubes, 1ft of gravel and the remainder quickcrete. Back fil around the tube.

I never thought of putting gravel in there. Much appreciated all!