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Traffic Technician ( merged )

There are Traffic Techs on most if not all CF bases and stations. Of course that doesn't mean you get the posting you want but we are everywhere.
Well then, reserves arent the path to follow IMHO.  I dont know of any reserve loadmasters and if its anything like in my MOC...a part-time member would barely be able to keep current, let alone do a category upgrade.  Correct me if i am wrong but aren't loadmasters MCpl and above as well ?
There are some Reserve Force Loadies but as far as I know they were in the Regular Force when they became a Loadie. You can be a Mcpl loadie and start on a Herc or a SGT for the Airbus (this may have changed recently though). As for an ARAF Traffic Tech being loaded on a Load Master course I would highly doubt it but you never know, maybe some other Traffic Techs on the board here can shed some more light on the subject. Cheers.
A good friend went traffic tech this last year and has been posted to Trenton.  According to him, Traffic tech's big postings were Trenton and Winnipeg, but apparently the AMS in Winnipeg is downsizing a great deal.  Word is to expect 8 Wing Trenton.

As for being an air reservist, get your name on the LONG waiting list.
George Wallace said:
I think he is trying to get onto an aircraft and see the world.

If you're referring to me, then yeah, that's pretty much the case.  Minus the 'see the world' bit, although that would be nice.  I get more than enough vacation to do that on my own, but deployments would certainly be an interesting challenge that I'd love to give a shot.

I'm essentially trying to chase down AF reserve opportunities that don't involve driving a desk, as I do enough of that in my day job.  I know that you couldn't jump right into a Loadmaster job, so I'd be willing to get into the trade and do my share of occassional desk driving if that's what it would take. 

I think the post about Loadmasters being MCpl and up is correct, but I have prior service, so I'm thinking I might come back in as a Cpl.

Anyway, thanks for the insight thus far.
No need to think it is correct for the Mcpl and up to be a loadmaster, it is a fact. As I mentioned above it is Mcpl minimum for the Herc and Sgt for the Airbus but there was talk about reducing it to Mcpl for the airbus as well although I am not sure if it has or will happen. As for desk work it doesn't matter what part of the trade you go in to there will always be some desk work whether you are shipping/receiving, load planning, doing F&E or even in an AMU, it all depends on where you are working and where they put you. There are a few good postings and deployments out there though, some more difficult to get than others. With all that said, it is a good trade with a lot to know and even more to learn plus it can be a good way to get some travelling done too.
Do not forget that to be a loadie you need a minimum amount of AMU time. 
mover1 said:
Do not forget that to be a loadie you need a minimum amount of AMU time. 
Right, four years worth correct?

Edit: I cannot spell today.
Hi Ive been reading the forums for a while. My Husband was 1RCR for 4 years and is now in Borden waiting for his traffic tech course to start. What is a Traffic Tech? I want to be able to explain it to friends and family, in simple "civy" terms .

What they do

Traffic Technicians (TFC TECH) plan and execute the movement of personnel and materiel by road, rail, air and sea. Their duties include passenger reception, warehouse operations, aircraft and rail load planning, documentation and aircraft loading/unloading.

Prepare, load, secure and offload baggage, cargo and freight from road, rail, air and water transport vehicles

Plan and arrange movements of personnel, furniture and effects, materiel and equipment by military and commercial means

Liaise with commercial moving, storage and transportation firms

Prepare, process, record and account for all transportation documents and forms relating to personnel and materiel movements

Process passengers for travel at military air terminals and coordinate movement of passengers through commercial terminals

As a member of a team, load and unload aircraft of materiel and people

Operate military cargo, passenger vehicles and materiel handling equipment

Process transportation charges and maintain financial records
So the civilian equivalent is "Shipper/Receiver" extraordinaire?
GAP said:
So the civilian equivalent is "Shipper/Receiver" extraordinaire?

Pretty much.  They are also the go-to guys for most dangerous goods shipments regulations.  They also act as aircrew, being loadmasters on Hercs and Airbuses.  They're the guys that co-ordinate traffic (cargo or vehicle) embarking/dis-embarking at ports of entry (air or sea).  Not a bad trade, you can see the inside of a warehouse, or you can see the world.

Tell your husband to pick an airforce base to really enjoy the trade!!!
Hi all,
Quick question I am looking at moving back down to BC and was wondering if anyone knew if there were Reserve Tfc Tech positions within any of the militia units.

Is there any traffic techs on here I have some questions for them.

I hope you never handle my baggage.

How about this:


And about a million other topics....do happen to own a hockey helmet?
099* said:
I hope you never handle my baggage.

How about this:


And about a million other topics....do happen to own a hockey helmet?


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