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Traffic Technician ( merged )

Hi everybody! Growing up in a military/law enforcement family, I have always been interested in the Canadian Forces. For the past six months I have been giving serious thought to joining. I looked at different jobs when I first left high school, but I have been drawn to Traffic Technician and the opportunities the trade seems to present. I have read all the articles on this site that I can find about the trade, and while they are helpful they are a few years old, so I have some questions.

This job can obviously be physical which I am used to, but I am wondering how well you must be with things like math when it comes to the aptitude test and everyday situations in the workplace. I am also curious about the term of service length, and the occupational training length. If it's posted on the government site, I can't find it. 

I am originally from the east coast and would love to be around there if possible, so I was wondering what a day in the life would be like at a base like Greenwood, Shearwater, or Gagetown for this trade. How much would someone travel in this trade? I've read it's more common on bigger bases. Are people in this trade deployed long term like other soldiers, or is there more movement involved because of the nature of the trade? Lastly, I was wondering what it is like living on base as a single person. I have read that it is like dorms, but I have also read that there is apartment like accommodations or you could be in a tent.

Thank you in advance for reading this novel and any help you can give. I plan on going to a recruiter, but the closest one is about three hours away and by appointment, so any insight is very appreciated.
Question: do traffic techs get a firearm issued to them? Like a 9mm handgun?
_Thanks in advance
CAF members are issued weapons when required for the performance of their duties.

Day to day work of traffic techs in Canada does not require weapons.
Anybody that knows the daily duties of a traffic tech regs at an air force squadron vs army service battalion? Any big differences?
Does this trade have certain postings that are guaranteed to get after completion of your 3's/at some point in your career (aka career manager will be sending you there whether you like it or not) or are traffic techs needed equally across the country?

Also, I couldn't tell from the forces website so this could be a dumb question, would traffic techs ever be in the field?

Thank you
Any trade that can be posted to the Army can expect to spend some time in the field.

If you don't want to go to the field, may I suggest a hard sea trade ?