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Traffic Technician ( merged )

It took me 45 seconds to search both of these and make up my own mind.

http://www.forces.ca/en/job/traffictechnician-88#education-2 SQ not listed among the courses a Traffic Tech will be loaded on to.

http://www.forces.ca/en/job/armouredsoldier-1 SQ is listed for Armoured Soldier.

So what do you think this is telling you?

It took me longer to write this post and insert the links than it did to google the answers. We're not here to do that for you.

That's what I have been thinking as well. But I did a little more research in purple trade and SQ, and found this.

The fol info is taken from CANFORGEN 101/08 http://vcds.dwan.dnd.ca/vcds-exec/pubs/canforgen/2008/101-08_e.asp














(M) COOK (L)





(R) MSE OP (L)


So ask a recruiter. Simple.
Yes Scott, I agree with you that a recruiter can definitely answer my question.
However, I'm wishing perhaps someone with first hand experience can direct me to a more detailed explanation.
You asked:

nickanick said:
Do Traffic Techs do SQ?

I fail to see how much more detailed than a 'yes', or, 'no' that one can get. A recruiter would be able to tell you that.

Scott said:
You asked:

I fail to see how much more detailed than a 'yes', or, 'no' that one can get. A recruiter would be able to tell you that.

I agree that a 'yes', or, 'no' could easily answer my question, but the lack of detail would leave me hanging and lead me to ask further questions.

Also, your answer with the links on the CF website , have not fully answer my question, and that is why I replied with  the evidence for my doubt.

This is why I try my best to stay out of recruiting threads.

If you're unsatisfied then talk to a recruiter.

You know, with all the "research" you have done, perhaps you could have posed this question:

Hi, I have been looking into the Traffic Tech trade but I am a little confused with what I find online. The Education info page for the trade on the recruiting website mentions nothing about SQ, however [insert link here] this CANFORGEN clearly does.

What lack of detail? 'Yes' or 'No' is pretty cut and dried to me.

Nevermind, just wait and hope someone will come along and spoon feed you the information, hmmkay?
Scott said:
Hi, I have been looking into the Traffic Tech trade but I am a little confused with what I find online. The Education info page for the trade on the recruiting website mentions nothing about SQ, however [insert link here] this CANFORGEN clearly does.

Thank you so much for rephrasing it, it definitely is asking a lot more than my previous question.

I'm just trying to ask some of the traffic techs or related personnel to share their experience, but not hoping to ask others to spoon feed me.
Thank you for your effort to straighten and enlighten me.
nickanick said:
I have read from another thread that, traffic techs who get posting in smaller base/stations would have less chance of travelling.
Is that true? If it is, how little do they travel? Do they have same chance and opportunity, comparing to other traffic techs in larger bases, to become a loadmaster?

How long will it take for a traffic tech to be a loadmaster after finishing BMQ?

A prerequisite for loadmaster is experience in Air Movements.  It's generally accepted that Trenton is the incubator for loadies but other smaller units can give you the necessary experience, such as Cold Lake.  You will need to be QL5 qualified which can take 1-4 years from the time you finish your 3's.  If you're serious about flying, let the career manager know when you meet with her on your 3's and follow whatever suggestion she gives regarding your posting preferences.

Next question: SQ...
I did SQ as a Traffic Tech candidate several years ago while waiting for my 3's.  At the time of my enrollment the recruiter informed me there were only Traffic Tech - land positions available.  When I asked how it differed from Traffic Techs - air positions I was told it was just the color of uniform.  This was partially true in that it didn't prevent me from being posted to an air base but there are small differences between green and blue.  If you wear green and have time before your scheduled 3's course you may do SQ.  Later in your career if you still wear green you may do the army PLQ course rather than the air (regardless of where you're posted) which includes much more field time.  If you wear blue and get posted to an army unit you will likely be send on an SQ course. 

I`m a Weapons Tech cpl but i am planning to re muster to traffic but before i make my choice i wanted to know how much math is involved on the traffic tech ql3`s and ql5`s and in the trade itself and what sort of math it is,, also any other info on the courses and training would help a lot .
also if i am already qualified lsvw, mlvw, forklift and 10 tonne could i be exempt from the initial 7 week course?
Hey Ryan,

On your 3's and 5's there will be plenty of math but that is not to say that the math will be very advanced.  Basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide) will get you by but basic algebra is also very useful (ie: a=b*c ...if you're given "a" and "b" can you solve for "c"?). 

The main thrusts of the Tfc 3's when I did it were famil with the pubs and load planning.  Being trained as a Weapons Tech you know how to reference pubs and you presumably have an eye for detail; that will help you on loadplanning where a single miscalculation can (on paper) crash your plane - again with the plenty of simple math stuff.

I'm not in a position to speak to the possibility of being exempt from your initial 7 weeks but my gut says no. Worst case, you'll have 7 weeks of bird courses where you'll consume copious amounts of coffee and enjoy homework-free evenings and weekends.  I can almost guarantee that no one will be shooting at you and your accommodations will be better than a 10 man in the field  ;D

Where you're posted and what position you fill will determine what life is like for you after CFSAL but academically it won't be any more challenging than your 3's.  Even your 5's is essentially a review of material covered on your 3's. 

Hope this helps some.  Feel free to PM me on any specific questions
I doubt you'll get any kind of exemption.  The Tfc Tech course is not about driving.  Or, at least it wasn't when I took it.
Myself and a few others from my 3's were exempt from most of the driving phase (with the exception of the forklift portion). While the rest were doing the driving, some of us were sent to CMTT or supply to assist with anything they deemed necessary.

As for the math portion, it is not that bad if you pay attention to what is being shown.
Hello, excuse the so called "repetitive" post. However I have not been able to find the right information.

As far as math goes, how intensive is it? Can you show me the basic math used? I'd assume its just equations to determine capacity of the aircraft etc, can you give me an example?

What is the driving portion like? For someone who is relatively "new" to driving, is it very difficult? Easy once you get the hang of it?

In the beginning of your career what should you expect for a "job"?
I have my CT/OT in for Traffic Tech, and I've done a fair bit of research about the trade. I asked a Traffic Tech about the math as well and this is what they told me:

- think load plans for aircraft to determine how to configure the load to keep within limits.  That's what will be taught on your 3's so here's what you need to be able to do: simple math (add, subtract, multiply, divide), order of operations (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction) is useful and simple algebra is also handy ( a*b=c...a=2, c=4 solve for "b")  That's it.  If you can do this (with a calculator, even) then you're golden. 

Don't worry too much about the driving, on military driving courses they give you plenty of time to practice. They will teach you everything you need to know.
Hi I am a weapons tech cpl and am going Traffic Tech in the near future just wanted to know if as a Ql4 will my only posting choices be between Trenton and winnipeg? Is getting posted elsewhere unheard of? I know how the army can be just hoping I can get somewhere more to my tastes, I know we can never be too choosey just wanted to know if anyone gets posted elswhere thanks
There's Traffic Techs posted to every base and wing in the CF and as a new QL3 you may have the opportunity to select any of them for your first posting... depending on the current needs of the CF.  Normally, towards the end of your QL3 and before you talk to the career manager, you'll be presented with a list of locations and number of QL3 Traffic Techs that they need - if you select from that list you'll probably get your choice.  If you have another suggestion and can argue persuasively, the career manager may grant you an alternate posting.

That said, 1/2 to 3/4 of the Tfc Techs in the CF call 8 Wing Trenton home - if you want to go there you'll probably get it.  Your 4's package will be done later; if you're at an Air Base it'll be done at your unit, if not then you'll probably do it in Trenton.

Thanks for the response as a weapons tech my posting choices were rather limited , and with being newly single I would want to avoid the boonies as much as possible
So you don't want to come to Cold Lake? If you have a big truck, and a boat, I'm sure you can snag some of the lovely young ladies I see around here. Well, granted, most are somehow attached to the young guys swimming in oil money, but charm should triumph over looks and money right  ;)
Do you consider Trenton & Winnipeg the boonies? ???
If so what category would Goose Bay fit into? :eek: