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Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

Vot-u for untrained officers happen once a year. Applications are due to PSOs by october ish, and selections happen Jan ish.

That being said, by the time the VOT process is open for officers again, you will likely be qualified, and have to look into the VOT for trained pers.

Don't worry about the CoC. They won't be upset. People OT, it happens, its fine. Not everyone is going to stay in the same job for their career.

I'm going from NWO to Arty O, talk about excitement lol.

How long it takes depends on the internal annual intake/outcap numbers as you'd be considered as in-service selection. I finished my NWO phase training and was 7 months into the fleet, I just carried on and tried my best without thinking too much about the VOT-U application. Mine came as a shock to me, my completed application file with interview done was submitted in late October/early November 2019, and I received my offer two days into Christmas leave. Now anxiously waiting for my posting message to move my life from the west coast to east coast.  :cold:

Your CoC would only be "upset" to let go of a really good member. I was lucky my ship was very supportive and pushed through my paperwork swiftly. Follow your heart, I got LASIK done just so I can qualify to apply for combat arms.
I am curious if anyone has received a selection offer for a VOT yet?  The forums have been a little quiet on the subject.