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Wargame: European Escalation


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I did a search, didn't see any threads on this subject.

In any case, this is a really great RTS on Cold War. Similar game play like Eugen's previous game, RUSE. Quite different from World in Conflict.
There's more emphasis on scouting, and much more realistic. (As much as a game allows for balance)

The game's more multiplayer oriented, but there is a singleplayer campaign (five actually)+solo skirmish available. Each campaign depicts a possible scenario where WWIII may have occurred. Generally the campaigns are separate from each other, but the last two are linked. The campaigns are insanely hard, earning maxed command stars requires additional objective, some very difficult (tend to be time based).

Oh, and all the units available within a campaign is limited. i.e., you used 20 Leopard 1A1s in the first campaign's second mission, but lost 10, then that's 10 less Leopards available for the next mission and so on.
Therefore, conserving units+save scumming is a must. In multiplayer, units are limited to a certain battle only. Units also need to be first unlocked with command stars, which are earned by completing singleplayer missions, or leveling up in multiplayer. The total number of units in the game is about 300, according to the developers. In reality, quite a few are just variants of infantry+infantry carrier.

In general, units try to be realistic, but logistics is reduced to supply trucks/helicopters+FOBs. Both of which contain fuel, which is used to repair, rearm, in addition to refuel.

If anyone here plays, my Steam account name is the same as here.