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Welcome to the Milnet Decision Game Forum


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In an effort to promote a higher level of professional dialogue and learning on the site, we’re launching the Milnet Decision Games forum.

The goal is to issue out a new decision game every month or two.  The decision game will be issued on this forum in a thread with a file containing the problem.  Anyone who is interested in submitting a response can do so and send the response to milnetDG@milnet.ca.

These are decision games.  They can focus on very tactical problems, or perhaps on strategic issues.  Some will be land-centric, others will focus on airpower problems, while still others will be very joint.  There are no “DS solutions” with these decision games – they are not designed with a right answer.  That being said, some answers will be better than others.  Prior to issuing a problem, a set of “critical factors” will be created.  These are not revealed until after the deadline and will go to the crux of what the problem is concerned with.  They will be used as criteria for differentiating between responses.  The best responses will demonstrate an ability to ascertain these critical factors from studying the problem and to properly address them in the response.

Another aim will be promote better clarity of thought and clarity of expression.  Participants are encouraged to do the best to ensure that their responses are accurate, brief, and clear.  Use plain English!  Or French!  While the problems will be issued in English, responses in either official language are welcome.  As well, stick within the word/page limits provided.  These limits are given for a reason – limiting responses serves as a forcing function to ensure responses are considered and deliberate in what they present.

We are looking to make this inclusive to all.  No service specific jargon or format is required in a response.  Responses can be written in “plain-speak,” but if you wish to use a military format such as SMESC or any other methodology, feel free to do so.

After the submission deadline, the winning solutions will be announced, with explanation given for why they were selected.  Other notable submissions that displayed creativity or highlight a key issue will also be put up.  These examples will be used on the forum to generate dialogue for the benefit of all, which will be where the true value of the forum lies.
Aside from submissions, if anyone has any thoughts on process, decision games they’d like to offer up, or anything else, post it to the forum or send it to the milnetDG email address.
This is pretty cool. Thanks for putting effort and work into something like his. Also thanks for including tactical level possibilities.