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It just went crazy red. Canada day?



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It is intentional! You can manually switch themes at the bottom, where it has the little paint brush and currently says “Canada.”

I will switch back to defaults by end of day.
At the link below, I had to use a work-around to post a YouTube link that has a start time. When I let the board try to parse it and insert the link as a "MEDIA" object, the link gets broken.

Just installed a patch that resolves issues embedding YouTube videos... want to give it another shot?
Is there any reason that I must log in every time I go to Army.ca?

It prompts me every 30 days, if it's more often than that it's likely a problem with accepting/retaining cookies. I seem to recall someone else reporting the same issue, but can't recall the fix. Obviously incognito mode will cause this behaviour but if your browser clears its cache on logout, or clears cookies, it will have the same effect.
On my computer if I clicked "home" it was logging me out....id use the "go back" arrow and I'd be logged back in and then go forward by using the "new posts" button.

My computer is a thousand years old along with the operating system though.
Are we ever going to get the option to switch our colour scheme? Since I joined in 2006, I've always used the "milnet" page because I think the grey background looks way better than the green background. (also it's a lot easier with the grey background to hide that you're on this site. when you use hte green background, everyone knows you're on 'army.ca' with just a quick glance at your screen...:D)
You can use the link at the bottom of the site to change your theme, regardless of which domain your using. Most will show Dadaist Style next to the paint brush icon:

Use that link to select the theme of your choice.