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What is the courses of QL5A for ETECH , MAR ENG OR MARTECH


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I m wondering if I can get any help or advise about QL5A courses for ETECH , MAR ENG  OR MARTECH, What is the nameS of QL5a courses(ETECH , MAR ENG  OR MARTECH) thanks for your help.
If I am not mistaken, you are new to the trade joining initially as an ETech. QL5 (or RQ-LS) will likely be done in phases with some as DL. Courses like the watchkeeping course (old MCCO), HCRFF, IPMS will likely become specialty quals.
LS-RQ not yet developed, AB-RQ is almost ready.  Legacy coursing for Etech Mar Eng, and Hull is quickly coming to an end.  West Coast is running one more ETech QL4 in May and the last QL5 will run in Jan.

Career progression at this point is to become roundsman qualified post OS-RQ and then wait.