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With regards to the CF is there a difference between SOF and SF?

LunchMeat said:
I read something somewhere that Wes Kennedy isn't a name that is fondly used around the SOF community.

Mainly due to luring people in for his workout plan, charging an arm and a leg, and it turns out to be something you could get from a trainer at a fraction of the price.

There may be other reasons too, but I cannot recall.

Dude... I just had an interview yesterday with someone who is a part of his team. It seems he has teams from all over the world who work for him. I was told I’d need to pay 350$ a MONTH on a 12 month contract, which if you multiply 350 with 12, you get 4200. That doesn’t include GST, the cost of healthy food, and gym membership elsewhere you’d have to pay for yourself. On the contract itself the address showed me an empty plot of land where a building should be, and a repair shop. Really, really freakin’ sketchy. It probably works as good as any other program, but you would probably have better luck elsewhere. Plus a gym he owned before called Brotherhood Life got shut down. Makes it even fishier...

EDIT: I have been told by someone in a CFA (applicants) page on Facebook that SOFLETE is a good program to follow, and definitely will not charge you as bloody much! You can cancel your subscription at any time. Look it up and check it out. See if you think it’s a good fit for you, OP!