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    Special Commissioning Plan ( SCP )

    I tried searching for the answer and couldn’t find it. I applied for the SCP last year and went through all the steps. It’s now July and I haven’t heard a yes or a no back. Do you get a message back saying no your application was not accepted?
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    2018 pay increase?

    I’m down for another back pay in a few years
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    2018 pay increase?

    Is there a  CF pay increase on April.1st this year?
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    Canex expanding items also found on L/U?

    I’ve been in almost 5 years and always remember seeing berets for sale. Most canex store have also started to stock cap badges and deu stuff in the last couple years.
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    All Things Socks (merged)

    Just the liner and the temperate sock for your normal combat boots. If it's cold enough out to need to wear the cold weather socks I probably have muk luks on.
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    Military Discounts List

    I pay $87 for a $125 plan with Rogers. 7gb data and unlimited every thing else. Just had to call and then they email you a confirmation link to your forces email to prove you work for the army.
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    Soldier Qualification Course (Questions & Answers)

    Pretty sure only infantry does the combined course.
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    Artillery training [MERGED]

    Wake up at 5, breakfast and inspection then it's classes/gun drills till lunch then the same till supper and then after that it's homework and kit maintenance. Bed at 11pm. That's for 3 weeks and then 2 field ex's.
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    NEO's- looking for reviews and feedback

    I have the plain Neo's and haven't issues with my feet getting cold wearing them in March and in the fall. They do soak through after awhile but it's gotta be pretty bad out for that to happen.
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    CAF Combat boots policy 2005-2018

    If you read the instructions for the mark 4's it says to use the boot paste.
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    Cellular Phone Discounts for Military Families

    I have Rogers and I always have the worst signal in my section.
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    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    They have a sign of the partners in the store. I know for sure savages bike shop, Fredericton Outfitters, ok tire. But there is like 4 others.
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    Pokemon GO

    I heard a story that an mwo or cwo found a soldier hunting a rare Pokemon in a saluting area in Gagetown.
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    The Land Operations Temperate Boots (LOTB)

    I've found the fit, comfort and weight better than the mk 4's.
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    American Beer vs Canadian Beer

    I was closer to Toronto but Ontario really prides itself on craft brewers.