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    I know someone who lied on medical

    Who cares. ADHD is hardly something to be concerned about. Are you sure your friend isn’t you?
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    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    we didn’t buy the engines from the Aussies, they will be pulled and shipped back. We will need to find some to use those jets as we have very few spares. The seat isn’t the same one we use. We will need to buy more.
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    CF-188 Hornet, Canada's jet fighter

    Seat harness? try complete ejection seat system. Exterior light? try two engines and generators Software? Try replacing all the displays and hoping our software works with it. It is ridiculous and costly. Plus those things need corrosion studies done to see how much life are left in them
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    Dynamic Manta

    Comment of the year!
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    NATO troops on exercise blab tactical information on social media

    Why the face palm? It’s a modern problem and you’re likely more susceptible to it then you think. It is enlightening though that they are researching this and hopefully are able to build countermeasures.
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    The RCAF's Next Generation Fighter (CF-188 Replacement)

    I heard many people say buying the gripen would be the last straw. Straight to the release section. The F-35 can carry a fully loaded gripen
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    Is this Stolen Valour

    Thank you! If people are offended by this they are taking themselves too seriously.
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    Hyena Road

    Unless you’re an OPP member, they probably think it’s garbage. How dare the producers not completely replicate the painful bureaucracy of interprovincial investigations!
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    Hyena Road

    Come on guys, it’s not amazing but it’s not nearly as bad as I was expecting after reading this thread. It’s hard to really convey real military experiences in a movie, I thought that overall, despite the cringy relationship and ending that it was not horrible.
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    Is this Stolen Valour

    I don’t really get it but I’m sure they didn’t mean to insult anyone. Stolen valour? I don’t think a bunch of pilots are into pretending they are in the army... get over yourselves
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    Commercial Pilot Licence ( CPL )

    I skipped Ph1 and was not at any disadvantage. It’s too bad the bypass is no longer granted. Someone with experience would want to gouge their eyes out at portage
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    Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador for urging release of activists

    On the contrary I believe we are obliged to hold others to higher social standards regardless of economical or political impact. In this Saudi case it’s a no brainer, very few ramifications to exclude a very poor trade partner from our sphere.  Also the blatant dislike for the PM is pathetic...
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    Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador for urging release of activists

    Quite the opposite, nothing but good things can come from separating ourselves from Saudi. Also how else do you propose we handle the nafta talks? Donald’s classic strategy is to talk a big game and threaten people until he gets what he wants, would you rather we comply?
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    Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador for urging release of activists

    You said eloquently what I was trying to formulate... I see all this pissing match and all I can think of is “don’t care” I hope we follow through.
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    Red shirt, wings, nametag on flight suit

    Red/yellow is the 410 squadron colours. The Sqns wear colored patches on Friday and apparently during the airshow as well. Though it seemed there was a variety of combinations of color/non color patches amongst the flightsuit wearing crowd.