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    NSE FP or PRT FP ..which one would you chose ???

    Opps ... typo Yes it is 3-09 Cheers
  2. Jamtorky

    NSE FP or PRT FP ..which one would you chose ???

    Looking for some comments from pers who have done either NSE FP or PRT FP..... Lets just say that you had a choice to go on 1-09 as NSE FP or as PRT FP ....which one would you chose and why... which is more likely to be a better tour?? cheers
  3. Jamtorky

    Advance Leadership Qualification Course

    I am taking the ALQ course this fall and I am looking for some information How do they work the at home study sessions? Do they have mulriple dates for the same subjects??? ect ect thanks
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    CC shortage for Roto's or a Reservists pipedream

    Geo .. no argument there... in the works ...  I totaly agree that if you don't ask you will not get. A CT ... considered it quickly, however due to various reasons, My self and my family are unable to make that change. Basic point ... I am seening the change, forced or not, in the fact Armd...
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    CC shortage for Roto's or a Reservists pipedream

    Ok before we start with the naysayers... remember what Louis Pasteur said!!! Anyway, The Res are currently filling spots of gunner and driver for the Leo and Coyote and in CC positions in Lav (inf) and the odd one in a Coyote turret Yes Res armoured recce units are very slim on individuals...
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    non issued kneepads and tactical goggles?

    Deploys Jan-Feb 08.... and by priority I mean that everyone that went through the 39 Dag .. had there stuff done up asap ... I only indicated that I thought we were priority .. not that we were for Land Forces but for 39 cbg... I think we were..wait till the res units start to DAG in the...
  7. Jamtorky

    non issued kneepads and tactical goggles?

    I am sure that there are more steps involved then your QM ---> Ottawa... I had my prescription in  Nov 24th 06 at a DAG and just got my glasses 2 weeks ago... the box came from out east somewhere...I'll have to look again and post it then I am only thinking that it was rushed due to the fact...
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    CF Belaclava Manufacturer

    I have the Gorilla and I use it snomobiling all the time ... actually I am on my second one .... this is a great peice of Kit ... warm, durable and strong..and drys in a reasonable time... Fits well with googles...and under my helmet.. have not used it on EX as it has not been cold enough yet ...
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    CP Gear Mag Pouch - LOTS of pictures

    PhilB ..once again .. great review...good to see it in action with the vid ... Great Pics as well... Can you get a few with a load on the pouches to simulate 3 full mags???  This will go great with the with the MoFocr Matt ... the attention to detail with all the new products is...
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    Skydex Helmet Pad Kit - LOTS of pictures

    The review I was waiting for .. now on my list of needs PhilB ...couple of questions ... I take it the strapping you have on your helmet is the on from the Oregon Kit??  screwed on or rivet?? How did you attache the plastic  parts on the scrim netting to your helmet... Rubber Cement?? Great...
  11. Jamtorky

    Is there Wireless Internet in Kandahar

    Tommy +1  this is a luxury ...not an entitlement... FD... totally aggree  ... not good enough to charge but I can see it coming down the pipe sooner then later ... It would be great to see a simple plan in place ... not sure what they have now Lets say a specific place with 20 -30 units...
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    Adventure Training

    Also try the AEL  and read the ADVTRE TRG portion of B-GL-300-008-001  TRAINING CANADA'S ARMY
  13. Jamtorky

    Cadpat TT MAV For Sale

    Westie47 Is this your way of getting a Mofocr AND keeping your wife?? I might have a trp interested in your set up .. I'll show him the pics and see where it goes Jamtorky
  14. Jamtorky

    Domestic Response Coy.

    It's  a response from the Natural disaters that have happened in the not so past ...ice / flood / fire comes to mind and the CF's ability to be prepared to help in the future .... I see it as the CF being proactive ... Our unit has 2 x 20 ft sea cans in our compound with  equipment  for such a...
  15. Jamtorky

    Is there Wireless Internet in Kandahar

    Oh .. and what kind of set up would anyone suggest