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    Jack Granatstein on how Conservatives are treating the CF

    Long time lurker here, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading the article and thx for posting it up. I more or less agree with just about everything Mr.Granatstein has said that I've read and this article is no different. I have that book "Whos War is it?" but have not had a chance to get around...
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    The pipes in Afstan and a new tune

    Very touching, one cannot help but observe a moment of silence during and after this tune. Especially after reading the article. Canada & Canadians (the ones with brains anyway) not only support our Airmen, Sailors & Soldiers but give them their deepest respect.I live in Halifax and there...
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    Where do you call home?

    I was born in Ottawa Ontario, however I have lived in Halifax NS my entire life so I have plenty of salt water in my blood in my humble opinion. I am a Maritimer through & through. Ironically enough I will most likely be headed back to Ottawa in the very near future for schooling.
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    Canadian Army Reading List- 11+ Years Of Suggestions and Ideas

    I would like to contribute to this list with the following suggestion. "Painting the Map Red: Canada and the South African War 1899-1902" by Carman Miller. Fantastic book and it will leave you with a very strong appreciation for the men who started Canada's professional Army, and made history...
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    What is your military status?

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    A question for any "experts" or some of the RCR's that might post here

    :o wow sir, my hat gos off to you. Thank you I very much appreciate not only all the replies, but the PM letting me know you responded to my question. I would not of known, as I am not a regular here and I forgot I had posted this question. Thank you very much, and my hat go's off to you...
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    A question for any "experts" or some of the RCR's that might post here

    As Do the reg force PPCLI and the reserve unit the Princess Louise Fusiliers, so the plate is innacurate then. I know the pugaree was white befor It was red. Also I do believe a differant head dress was worn as the Wolseley helmet they wear was established in 1920. I would imagin befor that they...
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    Anti-War Vigil at Armoury

    Its a shame how uninformed people are, I am a civilian but I try to be as educated as possible as one can be essentially, I take most news on tv with a grain of salt, and the hippies dont even get me started. Halifax is a military town and we even have those filth here. For example, that one...
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    A-10 dropped from N.S airshow

    I was apposed to removing it as I will be going to this airshow, to me the A-10 is a staple of the A.Show! I have seen one warthog or another since I was four years old lol every year so its going to be sad not seeing the bird there. Its downright shamefull to think that people would confront...
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    A question for any "experts" or some of the RCR's that might post here

    Hello ladies and gents, I am John Harrison last I posted here was well a year and a half ago. I am from Halifax Nova Scotia and I am a huge military history buff, battles, uniforms and fighting equiptment being my favored topics, this leads to my question. I recently purchased "The Canadian...
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    Black Edelwiesse : By Johann Voss = Best book I have ever read

    You practically had to be a criminal just to get into the SS.   You had to agree that judging people based on their race was "OK", you had to believe in the Nuremberg laws, and you had to prove that you yourself were "racially pure" going back x number of generations.   That was true of the...
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    Black Edelwiesse : By Johann Voss = Best book I have ever read

    Nah   I didn't mean to sound pushy, its just kind of hard to settle into a new board. So I thought I would post a review of a book I would personally reccomend to anyone, and I would reccomend it more so to someone who may have an interest in the subject. My Apologies if it seemed pushy. I...
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    Arty Sites-[Please Add]

    ^^ Awesome Museum I'M gonna check that out when I get to england.
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    Black Edelwiesse : By Johann Voss = Best book I have ever read

    lol so this book didn't grab anyones interest? Oh well I tried  :salute:
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    Joining UK Armed Forces

    One thing I think all Canadians are familiar with is the sense of humor to poke fun at ourselves. I read what you said the top paragraph about England to a very close friend I would be there with when I go, and she said "Sooo true" concerning this Britain is a pain in the arse, but that's...