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    Army communicator Course

    Can anyone point me to a reference for the most current version of what was once called the army comms course? I don't know the actual official title anymore and trying to track down a TP. Thanks.
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    Belmont Buddy Lite

    Hello.  Just wondering if anyone in the CAF who is using the Belmont Buddy Lite regularly can send me a PM.  I have a few questions.  Thanks.
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    For Sale-Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag

    Still for sale (price reduced) as well as a 5 11 Med Pouch (black).
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    Med Tech QL5

    Hello, Does anyone have access to the most current EO's & PO's for QL 5 Med Tech?  I have heard that AEC is no longer part of the course.  Thanks.
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    For Sale-Tactical Tailor First Responder Bag

    TT FRB bag (black).  Used but very good condition-primarily used only for medevac use.  Asking $50, PM if you want pictures.  Also have 2 new compact vehicle med bags (also black) asking $75 each.  These would be ideal for LEO type vehicle med kits if you are looking for a compact work or...
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    ROC Data and the Golden Hour

    Will the change in doctrine lead to changes in TO&E or is it purely a doctrine change at this time?
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    ROC Data and the Golden Hour

    Here is a link on some of the ongoing ROC research: https://roc.uwctc.org/tiki/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=139 For discussion.
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    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    Thanks. So far looking like CAP is not required.
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    All things Health Care Admin/HCA (merged)

    Hello, Is anyone able to list the current course progression for reserve HCA as of summer 2015?  I have been in touch with a recruiter but there seems to be a bit of confusion.  Besides second language training, what is the training delta between regular and reserve HCA officers?  Thanks.
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    Tranexamic acid use in Canadian hospitals

    We have been using TXA in the BCAS for a year and a half.  We administered the first prehospital case within Canada.  It is currently deployed at the CCP level for air and ground responses.  The most uses occur (obviously) on helicopter autolaunches for trauma.  There is a good chance we will...
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    New CFHS protocols-PCP and Adv Emerg Care

    There are commercially available kits that use the Seldinger technique such as the Melker kit.
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    New CPR

    Nope.  That was just the guys belly jiggling.  I think someone was also putting some pressure on a bleed at some point too which could explain it.  That arrest was D/C pretty quick as the ACP shown in the clip made a patch to the hospital.  That guy was dead at the scene.  That's what happens...
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    First Aid / CPR training and certification

    Do you work for Maple Ridge First Aid?  They teach all the red cross first responder courses.
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    First Aid / CPR training and certification

    I would say go with the Red Cross course.  They have a long established 40 hour first responder course and recently a newer 80 hour emergency medical responder course.  I am personally not a fan of the SJA coures.  They are too fragmented and don't at all teach a comprehensive approach to pt...
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    Emergency Medical Response Team (EMRT)

    Apparently there is going to be a TEMS unit stood to in Vancouver for the 2010 games.  I know for sure that here in the BCAS our CBRNE team has been very busy working with the RCMP and VPD on a bunch of clan lab stuff.  I see this as being a key future endeavour in addition to possible TEMS...