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    Does anyone know if valcartier is doing the Iceman this year? I want to start a training plan for it
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    Jump Ruck complete 100 bucks

    Same question
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    Help pmq needed

    I didn't move into a pmq when I was posted here the list was too long and now my druggie neighbors are making it impossible to live here in this overpriced shitty house.  The cfha says there is no units so I guess I'm fucked
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    Driving Backup Signals

    I agree completely also I would like to add, make sure you discuss the signals and what they are and appoint one of the ground guides to be incharge (if one of the ground guides is a WO its obviously him).  Also if you are in a truck OPEN your window,(I cannot shout through glass) and talk to...
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    Trailer for "Weekend Warriors" a new TV sitcom about Canada's part-time soliders

    As a former reservist I'm dying to see this on tv or even online.  There is a lack of shows and movies about the Canadian armed Forces on tv and n film I can only thing of Combat Hospital and Paschendale, (which turn out to be nothing but a Paul Gross vanity project).  People like to see...
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    What are you listening to/fav type of music

    I'm an avid fan of grindcore and metal most people of course do not know what grindcore is therefore I listen to my music with headphones lol
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    I've done this and now am awaiting training so I can't answer your question but it is possible
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Update since I last posted here I finally received a confirmation email from the DMcpg 5
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    84 independent field battery?

    I realize this is a nercopost but I am in the 84th  :warstory:
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    Military songs?

    here's a couple more I blast these on the way to work Heros- Motorthead remember the fallen - Sodom
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    Military songs?

    I completely agree!
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    Laptops in class?

    I'm heading off to lovely Gagtown NB for my BMQ(land) and DP1 Arty next month.  Should I bring my laptop for notes and stuff or should I not bother if its not allowed in the class room.  Does anyone bring laptops to class/ course?
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    Reservists Job Protection Superthread

    I'm a recruit for the 84th Indepdant Feild Battery, (actually at 37 I'm the oldest recruit).  I'm enrolled for the combinded BMQ land/ Dp1 course this summer but I have to take the time off work.  Has anyone done this as in take almost two months off work, how did you go about this?  My civie...
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    What not to do - No excuse BMQ tips [Merged]

    Yes but avoid it, its a diuretic and dries you out during drill.  I'm actually in BMQ for the reserves right now and learned to avoid coffee during drill, maybe a mouth full from BMA but not a full cup at breakfast you will not have enough time anyway.  I'm a cronic coffee drinking in civie life...