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    DWD for another Legend in the Corps

    Oh wow, Bill retiring!!?? Never thought I'd see that day, lol. Bill is one of the best people. I remember when we were in the shacks in Lahr, and we'd all be going out for the night, and we'd ask Bill if he wanted to come, most times he'd say no, had some reading to do. The man had filling...
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    looking back

    after 20 some years of being out of the cult, I've been looking back on those times and laughing a lot! some pretty funny stuff happened in the field, and to see that someone else on the board remembers one of the funnier events I was involved in is pretty awesome! this is a copy from another...
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    1/35 Leopard 2A6M Cdn in plastic

    ok...... I've said it before replying to some of these posts, I apologize for bringing up an old post, but this one has me laughing pretty hard!!! why??? be cause I WAS that gunner that was on the radio laughing about them taking my crew commander! if I may ask, what is your name Mover1?
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    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    ^^^^^^ 100%
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    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    for me..... personally..... stolen valor is a huge issue, and no job is worth keeping if the management is ok with keeping a scumbag like that as an employee, and let go someone who brings that crap to the fore front. I would call that pile of crap out every chance you get, and if he has a...
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    Canadian Forces Reserve soldier dies during training at CFB Shilo - CTV News

    this one is especially hard for me as not only has a forces brother been lost, but a family member. :( R.I.P. Pte. Kirby TottĀ  :salute: :cdn: :yellow:
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    Tanks for the Memories - CAT '91

    man!!!....... I reconized almost everyone on there! that was awesome!
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    Colourful characters in the Corps (Past / Present) ???

    Another one I forgot to mention, Murray Robertson.
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    Colourful characters in the Corps (Past / Present) ???

    Really!!?? Good for him! If you are able to contact him, say hi from big Fred
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    Colourful characters in the Corps (Past / Present) ???

    :salute: I do realise this is a quote old post, my apologies, however, new here and got a laugh remembering these guys. There is an earlier post about Lou and the "mob" how about the core of the mob, Jeff lier, myself, Dave Thompson, Mike Calow, Wayne Rogers, Harry Henderson, Wayne Yoeamans...