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    Afghanistan: Lessons Learned (merged)

    I came across an interesting product called Dyneema. It is less weight than steel inserts and capable of stoping AK47 rounds. http://dyneemamatters.com/inserts?category_id=36
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    Thanks for the response, G2G. I am going to send an email to D Mil C 7 immediately.
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    I am a CT also and I am course loaded for my QL3 in early May. From what I've read, I may not get a letter until I am already on course. Have any previous ROTP applicants on this forum been in a similar situation? If so, what happens when I accept the offer (assuming I am selected) if I am...
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    U.S. denies Prince of Pot Marc Emery transfer to Canadian prison

    Or they can just legalize it and make billions from tax revenue! (joking)
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    Armour Officer Artillery Officer Memorial University of Newfoundland Business Administration Two years in the reserves
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    I am attending Memorial also, however I was already told that if I get accepted I will be staying at MUN. Which trade(s) did you apply for?
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    I agree with X2012, I was given a document for my optometrist to fill out after I completed my medical in 09. Hopefully I do not need to make another trip after my next medical because I got iLasik done yesterday!  ;D
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    PM kicks off construction on new Canadian Forces facility in St. John’s

    http://www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2010-09-18/article-1772957/Pleasantville-marches-on/1 The article contains some unrelated environmental info but I linked it to show what will be replacing the current buildings for those of you interested.
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    I started coaching a hockey team in September and that has been a great experience for me. If you're interested in hockey that is perhaps something you may want to look into for leadership experience.
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    CF Responds to Igor (Skit = funny)

    "But first we all have to be screeched in or whatever that is," haha classic.
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    Hockey Equipment

    I really hope you can wear a visor on the varsity team. I never want to wear a cage again!
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    As far as I know you need to show ALL academic transcripts (university, college, highschool, etc). You must also have a minimum of three semesters left in your undergraduate program to be eligible for ROTP. While your grades are obviously a factor in your suitability for the program, it is not...
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    ROTP 2011-2012

    I put my request for a CT in last Thursday. I was told today to just wait until I  receive an email from Ottawa, which they said may take 6-8 weeks. Gives me plenty of time to work on my essay at least!
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    1,768' Transmission Tower Climb Video

    A parachute would save them a lot of time on the way down!
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    I'm thinking about being a Medical Technician

    My unit last year consisted of 24 members(St. John's detachment), however we would usually have between 6-12 people on any given night due to some people being on deployments, others busy with school, etc. So far in my short career I've had nothing but positive experiences in the reserves. You...