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    My thoughts on EX Stalwart Guardian 2014

    We were in B Sqn. We were lucky enough to have 0 vehicle problems and comms in every call sign worked.  I guess the force was with us.  ;D.  I don't know if the objectives were more dynamic or not, and maybe we did luck out, but the troop from drivers to observers to crew commanders did a great...
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    My thoughts on EX Stalwart Guardian 2014

    I just got off of the ex as well.  I was employed as a troop warrant for an armd recce troop.  We spent a lot of time in OPs, but as was posted earlier that is a part of being a guard/screen.  We spent two days in an OP which was not exactly high speed stuff but certainly worthwhile and not...
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    US closing all Embassies,Consulates in Islamic world due to unspecified threat

    Which is why he's golfing and celebrating his birthday at Camp David.  No pesky security concern is going to interfere with his daily activities.  Doing so would be telling the terrorists that they have won. 
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    Trial of "Serial Killer" abortion "doctor"

    Well, when you have Obama speaking to Planned Parenthood and the big networks in the States leaning left, I don't think this is the kind of news they want out and discussed.  I've been following the trial of this evil creature for a while, since Fox News has been covering it, and it is disgusting.
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    Geez!  Flashbacks!
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    Soldier returns after going AWOL

    I know of one guy who sent our driver to maintenance for a metric adjustable wrench.  She returned with the wrong one.  It was stamped with "imperial" tool makers logo.  Needless to say she was sent back.
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    Problems and Bugs

    I hope this is a bug!  I tried to get in and triggered 2 sad pandas.  I finally got in only to discover that I had lost all of my CR, my morale went from positive almost 2,00 to negative 1,000 and my refill time went from 07 seconds to over 9 hours. 
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    Mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut

    Heard about it at school this afternoon.  I teach 2 different Kindergarten classes for an hour each every day.  Are you friggin kidding me?  How could anyone?  Then the damn coward does himself in?  Those poor families, not just the ones that lost a little one, but all of those that lost their...
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    Queen's Diamond Jubilee Super Thread

    I'm sure he'll haul it out and put it in for his Order of Canada presentation down the road. 
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    CIA director David Petraeus resigns citing extramarital affair.

    Probably, but nefarious is so much more interesting.
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    CIA director David Petraeus resigns citing extramarital affair.

    Affair happened while he was in the army, and he's announcing and resigning now?  The things that make you go "mmmmmm". :Tin-Foil-Hat:
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    U.S. 2012 Election

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    Survey highlights most bizarre excuses for calling out sick

    Sorry Boss.  I can't come in today because the voices told me to stay home and clean my guns.