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  1. G

    Med Cat Question

    Hello! I am a 27 year old who moved from America a few years back. I am/have been living in Canada for some time now. I decided to look more into the various standards a CF member must meet in order to enlist, and have been in contact with a recruiter at CFRC Vancouver as I would like to serve...
  2. A

    Psychiatric concerns for enrollment help

    Hi, So I’m currently applying to be an medical assistant for the reserve. Ive had ptsd, depression and anxiety, for which I have completed my treatment and have no symptoms left since jan. 2021. I still take my celexa but could come off it if necessary. I have no problem performing well under...
  3. executiee

    Didn’t even get my RMO letter in the mail. What do I do now?

    Hello everyone! I’m here because I have decided to reapply into Reg Force instead of ROTP. I didn’t get in because of my medical. After reading this forum two years ago I decided to take people’s advice and wait a while before reapplying. Two years past and I have realized that I didn’t even...