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Trying to appeal


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Hi! I am a 17 year old trying to apply to the CAF. I did my aptitude test and qualified for the trade i wanted, did the interview and my medical. during the medical i had mention i sometimes have occasional headaches and had suicidal ideation when i was 12-13. i had to get some forms signed by my doctor. the forms stated the suicide also ideation is not affecting me anymore, i’m not any any medication for either “issues”, and basically that neither headaches or suicidal ideation is anything serious.

i got an email saying that i don’t meet he enrolment standards?? i spoke to the medical officer saying i need to wait two months, fill out more forms and then see if my appeal goes through. does anyone have any tips or suggestions? she said they want to know if he headaches and suicidal ideation are connected, and are concerned since my trade training will be mostly online ( and my forms say headaches could be due to screen time ).

do appeals usually go through? just hoping if someone could give me some reassurance or tips :)


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