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12 months for determination?

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Last week I brought my dad into VAC to start a disability claim.  This was a big step as I could never convince him to go in before.  We filled out all the paperwork but was informed the wait period would most likely be 12 months.  :eek:
My dad is a 70 yo, former career corporal, super crusty and if he had of known about the length of time, he never would have filled out the paperwork. 
Does anyone have first hand knowledge of wait times for older guys that have put in for award?  I'd hate to see it take that long.    :(
That's weird, I just did a reassessment and I was told it will be approx 4 months, depending on the case load. Last year, one claim took a few months and another took a whole 12 months, so I don't think there is any consistency at all.
Im at 7 months and still on step 1 for multiple claims. I've heard a multitude of different wait times so you never know. Good luck!
My Case Manager just this week told me a minimum of 12 months before I hear anything.
I'm also curious how long it takes for them to dig out med records from a guy that retired in 1995...
You know, every case is different. I had 2 take over 1.5 years. I've also had 2 go right to step 3 in a month. Mind you they've been at step 3 for over 4 months.
All that to say, I think it depends on how fast they get the data they need and who gets your file at stage 3.

Things do appear to be improving... slowly.
Yesterday, I received a  phone call ahead of the official letter. 10 months from submitting three claims to finalizing stage 3.
Hopefully it was good news. I never got a phone call for the two claims I had approved. I'm into week 8 for my reassessment stage 3.

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I was pensioned in 2004 so the grandfather clause applies to me.

I asked for a reassessment of my neck in March of this year. I phoned them a couple of times now and they
told me that it's at stage 3 level at this moment but there is a huge backload, so I should be getting an answer
in a few months or less.

My pension increased with the rate of inflation over the years.

The question is; do they raise the pension in my case or would it be lump sum ?
When did your reassessment move into stage 3? I was hoping to get an answer in 4-5 months.
A reassessment under the old Act would mean an increase in your pension. Same as a consequential award i.e. a  broken foot that becomes arthritic.

But, you will not know for sure until judgement day, VAC being VAC.
meni0n said:
When did your reassessment move into stage 3? I was hoping to get an answer in 4-5 months.
I don't know, I didn't ask
Rifleman62 said:
A reassessment under the old Act would mean an increase in your pension. Same as a consequential award i.e. a  broken foot that becomes arthritic.

The increase, if any, will be just fine with me.
I got my father in to VAC and we filled out all the paperwork.  He has since received in the mail a form to have his family doctor fill out.  Problem is, Dad never addressed his issue with civilian doctors since his release in 1995.  He's never been a go to the doctor guy and he never brought up his injury with civi doctors; he just dealt with it.  Since his retirement, he has had more pressing medical concerns to worry about. 
He even thinks his civi doctor will refuse to do the paperwork.  Not sure where to go from here.
The VAC forms that are required to be completed by a medical practitioner ( be it a MD/Physio Therapist/etc) that I have seen are multi page and extensive. Don't know if there are different form sets for different classifications of ailments/injury or just a generic set of forms. My civilian MD refuses to fill them out. He does not have the time or the inclination. VAC pays, I believe $250 to the MD to fill out their forms.

I would suggest that you get from Ottawa his med records or if you have them take to the MD. You should go through the med docs and highlight with highlighter and page markers everything to do with his injury from start, follow up through his service to his release med. That way it will be easy for the Doctor to follow the progression and fill out the forms. Back up the report with recent medical tests/X-rays/etc. Verify and inform the Doctor he can bill VAC for his report.

If you do not have your Dad's med docs and cant't wait, write out all the details about the injury, follows ups by military medical pers, subsequent/consequential medical problems i.e. constant pain/lack of mobility/etc.

If his MD refuses to fill out the VAC paperwork, does you Mother/Sister/Brother/etc have a MD you can approach? Or try a Walk In.

P.S. Once his claim is approved, VAC will pay for medications (saves the 20% deductible from Sun Life), Physo/Massage treatments, aids to daily living ( e.g. a grab bar in a shower, wheelchair) that is related to the condition.

Also the VIP program could be of assistance:  "The Veterans Independence Program (VIP) helps you remain independent and self-sufficient in your home and your community. Depending on your circumstances and health needs you may qualify for financial assistance to obtain services such as grounds maintenance; housekeeping; personal care; access to nutrition; health and support services provided by a health professional".

A successful claim is important to a survivor (your Mother??) as she would get a Survivors Award and get VIP after you Dad is gone.

Benefits and Services - Programs of Choice (POC) - http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/services/health/treatment-benefits/poc

Veterans Independence Program - http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/services/health/veterans-independence-program
57Chevy said:
I asked for a reassessment of my neck in March of this year.

....and that is how long it took to complete the reassessment.
I had an assessment done in September and had everything submitted. Received word from VAC that they didn't get anything from the clinic. I had the clinic re submit everything in December, got confirmation from my case manager that they received it on the 15th, and then a note on the 19th that they had everything they needed. On the 27th they said that it was at step 3. Then just last week I got a note that a decision had been made and something would be in the mail. Canada Post was so slow I got the electronic downloads from VAC before I've received the paper copy. Just goes to show that they can move quickly, although mine was flagged as a priority I guess.

Email received from VAC today, " Adjudication is currently processing claims dated November 2016. "

By my calculation that puts them at 14 months behind and that's from the time the app is moved to step 3.

They must be paid by the hour instead of a performance based model. (Joking!!! ... kind of.)  :facepalm:
Update on the processing queue... as of today VAC's oldest Disability Applications they are working on are from January 2017. So a 14 month processing wait for the majority of applicants.