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25 grand debt


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Hello I'm 45 years old set to take my second medical in a weeks time, and I can't remember if they told me I would have to pay for the blood test myself or they would cover that? also Due to the economy I'm 25 grand in debt, since about a year ago, there seems to be no legal action towards me yet, Will this prevent my application? thanks for any advice
The blood test is not paid for by the CAF.

As for your debt, it is not the amount that matters so much as if it is in good standing (if you have been making regular payments towards it or not). If you have not been making payments, then you will be asked for additional information.

You should also be aware that, unless CAF policy on compulsorary retirement age (CRA) changes, you would be forced to retire at 60 and take your pension at its current value (14 years equates to 28%).