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2nd Language Trg for Reserves?



Does anyone know if this is done? And if so, how? And if not, why?

I want to see how far the Total Force concept goes and where the glass ceiling is for Reservists (It‘s not a question of IF, more like WHERE).

I may finally be a SHARP ‘victim‘, too! :crybaby:
No, never heard of 2nd Language for us Res types. I don‘t know about everyone, but it is certainly NOT part of Res off‘r development. Glass ceiling? Boy, I don‘t even think it‘s glass, more like some big thick bars. But those who perform can make their own way on merit or so I am told.

To be fair, and it‘ll sound odd coming from me, but one would imagine that some preference should be given to ring knockers over CT officers. They attended RMC and made a career out of it from high school onwards, I did not. No excuse for rampant OBN ing, but all things being EQUAL in two prospective promotions, it‘s only fair that the ring knocker gets the nod.

And a victim of SHARP? Apart from having to sit through a few dry lectures, how can anyone be victimized by it?
Thanks for your comments Schwerpunkt.

Before I reply:

What are ‘CT officers‘?; and

What is ‘rampant OBN ing‘? (sounds fun - I might like to try it! :)

As for my comment: "I may finally be a SHARP ‘victim‘ - It was a joke. Seems to me that there are soooo many people out there who are victims of racism/harassment - I want in on the little game too. Unfortunately, since I can‘t claim special status as a physically challenged, lesbian of colour or something else because I‘m supposedly the #1 perpetrator of all things SHARP related. Yes, I‘m the single white male with all his limbs and faculties who has personally benefit from all things SHARP.

I‘d love to have an excuse for my shortcomings, too. That‘s all I meant. If this offends you (which I ought reasonably know it didn‘t), I‘m sorry.

As for SLT, I think any attempt to try and get loaded will be stonewalled. I can already foresee that it I will be told that it will come out of the unit budget.

SLT in a regular offr‘s career progression comes right after the all component (land/sea/air) basic officer selection course. Then they are sent to SLT and THEN to their respective element and MOC schools (seems kinda backwards to me - lets see if they pass BEFORE money is wasted on SLT).

After all this, a successful candidate is sent to his/her unit of employment. Their unit doesn‘t have to pay for SLT. Why should mine? We‘re all in this together, right? Or am I going to be treated as a 2nd class member of the CF?

There must be a way to try this. Call in it an exercise in administration.

I enjoy the challenge of being told that it can‘t be done! :)

Black-6, OUT!
Ooooh, yeah.... by OBN ing I meant Old boy network, but I see how that could have been misinterpereted!!! Gotta watch those TLAs.
And CT is component transfer, IE Res to Regs.

Didn‘t mean to create the impression that I missed your joke, your ‘smiley‘ at the end was a pretty good clue. Perhaps I should have added one to mine as well. And the only thing that offends my tastes is out of shape thud soldiers that we can‘t get rid of for one reason or another , but thems the breaks I guess.

It will be interesting to see what your unit has to say about SLT. My off the cuff guess it that you are right; it‘s not a requirment so the unit will have to cough up, which they won‘t want to do of course. But we‘ll see I guess!
Even us in the Regs have a hard time. You can goto night school and claim it. Like most of us do.

Sgt J. CD, CDS com
Way back when ? I was on a Militia Ql 6 Engineer course in the Wack (Chiliwack) and we had candidate‘s who were Franco Phone and some of them had just basic english and relied on thier fellow franco phone‘s for tranlslation and it put a kink into the course as our fellow candidate‘s had to translate and it lenghtend the day and cut into the continuity and flow and was distracting for those of us which english is our first language and I imagine it would be the same if one of us with limited French was put into a French slot .

The Force‘s have French course‘s you can take but they are Parisian French not Quebecqua (Sp)and
in mine own believe we should have a Quebeque
course as Canadian French is a total new dialect of French not the same as Parisain French Nes Pas?

Don‘t get me wrong some of my best friend‘s are Quebeker‘s any one know W.O. Al Chase (Ape man)or
Tin Can just retired .

Having a few Cheemo‘s Hic*

My SLT was watching hockey on CBC franco version...I already know the terminology in english... :)
Thanks for the info guys. I will see what I can do within the systems to "push the envelope".