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80th Anniversary of D-Day 2024

Here's the CPAC video of the signature ceremony in Moncton, NB on June 6. Be warned, it's almost 3 hours long. The performance of the 1812 Overture by the youth orchestra Sistema New Brunswick beginning at 2:39:00 is amazing.
Some one I can't recall who at the moment , mentioned that the French Customs officers were provided with a commemorative stamp to use.
When les grenouille get up to these kind of shenanigans, this always comes to mind: View attachment 85833

If they keep this up we might not come back to liberate them next time ;)

British paratroopers dropping in French field for D-day event asked for passports​

French officials insist on checking paperwork of 400 troops landing in Normandy for 80th anniversary commemoration

Eyebrows were raised at the Ministry of Defence when French immigration and customs insisted on checking the paperwork of 400 British paratroopers immediately after they dropped into fields near Saneville, Normandy on Wednesday.

Some felt the French were trying to make a point in response to the UK’s decision to leave the EU and, while immigration checks for British troops on exercise abroad are routine, doing so at a public commemoration is deemed exceptional.

US and Belgian troops involved in the drop were not checked, part of an international commemoration of one of the earliest operations of D-day. The US forces flew from France and had already completed their border formalities; no check was required for the Belgians as EU citizens.

If the US troops were already ones stationed in Europe, no, they would not need to be checked by French officials.

British paratroopers dropping in French field for D-day event asked for passports​

If I could have had a June 6, 1994 (50th anniversary) French stamp (entry or exit) in my passport, I would have jumped at the chance (pun intended). But I didn't get the opportunity to stop at "Douane" before driving onto the ferry in Ouistreham; I had to settle for a UK entry stamp in Portsmouth.