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Aerospace Control Officers-AEC [merged]


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5kc11 said:

First off, I apologize if this question has been asked. Unfortunately, I've searched 'AEC' on the site and nothing comes up except when mentioned in ACSO threads.

Currently, looking to join the forces as an AEC or ACSO. My recruiter has told me its not a matter of "IF" but "WHEN" I get an offer for either trade (My scores apparently are very competitive). Hoping to get info on Aerospace controllers.

1.) I've spoken to a few officers in the army and many have said you end up at a desk position after serving several tours. After doing my research for ACSO, seems like its a similar situation for them. What about AEC? Or do you simply keep doing your job till you release or retire?

2.) What about pay? The government website states 67k a year for fully trained AEC. How much does an AEC make when they become a Captain? Do AEC get spec?

3.) Growth potential/Promotions. From my understanding after Captain, promotions are based on attrition. Is there opportunity to continue to grow after captain in AEC? Or those positions are few and far between?

Please forgive any ignorance I have and thank you for any info you can provide!

Hey did you finish ACS? If so how was it?


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Hi, Mates!
May I ask which level of clearance is necessary for the trade Aerospace Control Officer?