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Best ammunition for M1 Garand

As I said before, all the stuff is dated '42. Most of it is in good shape (with odd blue dot of rot here and there.)

As for headstamps, most of it is TW 42; Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant , Minneapolis, Minn., USA wich operated under Federal Cartidge Co. from 1942 - 1945 and then reopened in the '50s (still exists today.)

Here's a closeup of the TW 42 stuff...

The rest of it is stamped DEN 42; Denver Ordnance Plant, Denver, Colo., USA., which was operated by Remington Arms from 1941 to 1944.

Here's a pic that slightly better shows the "rot spots" on some of the cartridges. Surprisingly, the DEN 42 stuff doesn't have any rot or signs of bad storage...(wierd.)

As for where my cousin found this, my lips are seeled for now...he plans on finding 30 MORE boxes like this for me (a rare opportunity, indeed.) However, I don't know if I'm gonna fire off this stuff often; original ammo is very hard to come by. I wouldn't mind actually just preserving this stuff for a while (especially if it comes in it's original boxes!) My question(s) to mil-surp collectors, ammo and boomstick techies, and any other gun nuts here is this:

Is there any way to clean up this ammo? I know you can't really use oils and solvents since they can seep into the casings and make the powder unignitable (and thus turn the bullets into misfiring paperweights.) I thought about using polishing-grade steel wool, but, again, it also seems kinda dumb to do. Michael, Wes, Teddy...any remedies or ideas?
This stuff will burn off no worries! I had heaps of DEN 42, and LC wartime stuff. If it was a bit more dirty, dump them into a sandbag or old piillow case and shake em up for a while (its not dangerous), this works, but 100rds might not be enough for this effect.

Good shooting! Keep a few for collection though, as wartime stocks are getting thin for this ammo.



Well, it sounds a lot better than using steel wool (and safer, too.) I'll give it a try when / if I get more boxes of treasure.