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general commentaries from a Marine just back from Iraq

TCBF said:
In any case, it seems to me that most of the technical disputes some have with the article in question may in fact be POLITICAL disputes on a sub-concious plane.   The author's MAIN premise, is that Iraq is a war againt Iran for the future freedom (from Iranian Imperialism) of Iraq, and that contrary to our Marxist-indoctrinated educated elite, the West - on the backs of the US military - is winning it.

Accepting this would lead to the unacceptable conclusion that "A just war is being fought in Iraq by the USA, and by not doing our part to help, WE ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY."


How many more young US Marines have to die because of our gutless inability to come to their aid?

I guess our WWII generation truly was our greatest generation.


I think that the perception on the part of Canadians is that no direct threat to our way of life exists.  My own dissatisfaction with US actions is that there was no mandate from the UN.  Quite likely that mandate would never have come in a timely manner.  Bit of a quandry that.  I'm not sorry the US did what it did, in retrospect, and I'm not all that sorry Canada sat it out.  I think we've done our bit in Afghanistan and continue to do so.  The inability of the US to provide the crucial link between world terrorism, WMD, and Saddam personally is unfortunately a bit of a monkeywrench and a strain on their credibility.  It will likely take another disaster on the scale of the WTC to engender much support among Canadians for further extension of the conflict against terrorism.  I wonder if our enemies would be stupid enough to do that.

I like your new pic, I guess the school photos must be in, eh?  ;D

Not all of his article is bunk.  And a bit of bunk does not delegitimize the whole article.  If it did, everything you and I and everyone else wrote on this site would be classed as bunk, as well.

No, it's no conspiracy, getting two soldiers to agree on all the merits or demerits of ANY system - weapons or human - is nigh on impossible.  We don't expect it here, we should not expect it from any other Army either.

I would say the article may have points we can disagree with, just like anything written by any of our soldiers.

We just have a cadre of those who - deep in their hearts - don't want to believe  any of it because they can't believe ALL of it.

Just plain silly, if you ask me.

I wasn't referring to his opinions. They're mostly meaningless anyway. What does "thumbs up" and thumbs way up" mean?  I am referring to FACTUAL errors which basically indicate that these "opinions" are from a video game.

For example, how did this young MARINE on his first tour become such an expert on the M24 SWS, an ARMY weapon which the Marines do not issue?

You think the author of this article will last very long here at army.ca?

The point is nearly 100% of the article has been shown to be crap -- it flies in the face of the AAR's done by units and by guys that I have spoken to, as well as having been proven false over on SOCNET.

As such as the author has been disproven to be 1) a US Marine 2) a valid ARR

It comes to the conclusion that you can trust ZERO of whatelse he/she/it is spouting off on.

You, I and other here may disagree on some issues to be certain - but the only ones I put to ignore mode are ones like the articles author - someone speaking entirely out of their *** and making up qualifications etc.  Like the schoolskids who pretend they are from Dwyer Hill and they have the superninja scoobee snack packing list for...

Edit my guess is the "authors" only experience with the USMC is watching Jarhead.

geo said:
All I did was post a document to the forum .
The source has been , up till now, been extremely reliable and I took this document at face value. If some have a problem with the document.... you're welcome to your opinion.... at least it generated some interest and discussion.

My comments were not directed at you, per se. My apologies, if it was taken that way. There are a number of inequities within the posted document. Things that do no match the laws of physics.......ie Wound Ballistics.

KevinB wrote:
Like the schoolskids who pretend they are from Dwyer Hill and they have the superninja scoobee snack packing list for...
I love it... :cheers:
"Edit my guess is the "authors" only experience with the USMC is watching Jarhead."

Maybe, or maybe someone who did a tour as a cook wanted to create a cloak of respectability for his opinions.  Point is - an awfull lot of naysayers came out of the woodwork on this, and I am convinced it was more than just the bloopers in the post that drew them out.

As to how long he would last on this site: I imagine if he has actually served in Iraq - flawed opinions and all - he would last until he got sick of us.

But, I chose to tolerate/encourage a certain range of opinions/disent that makes others uncomfortable at times.  I'm just a hairless hippie at heart, I guess.


Gotta go eat my free supper now.

Tom, I always jump on the weapons posts especially when they are full od SH*T.

If I found a cook posting AAR's as a Infanteer, I'd be doing my damnedest to have him flogged/exposed and run off.

Then again, if he was a VN era cook who stood stag on Firebase Rosierottencrotch in '69, and was mortared for his troubles, now his son is in The Crotch, and he is passing on what his son told him coloured through his experience and his Pappy's from the 'Canal.....  I think you see what I mean.

Life just doesn't happen in tight little neat compartments.

Hey, whether the 'author' is a Marine or not, ya gotta admit, 'Allah's Waiting Room' is a pretty funny concept when you're dealing with these insurgents.

Hey, I report in to the School of Infantry on the 29th. Not too soon until I see for myself, anyway. Wish me luck at school, eh?
Hey, I report in to the School of Infantry on the 29th. Not too soon until I see for myself, anyway. Wish me luck at school, eh?

Ill wish you luck in not getting some old poorly maintained bolt action C9 which cant even hold the box on for more than 3 steps.
FH - that would be M249 SAW for him...

Goodluck Marine.
McAllister said:

Hey, I report in to the School of Infantry on the 29th. Not too soon until I see for myself, anyway. Wish me luck at school, eh?

Good luck Leatherneck! Let us know how ya go. Currently we have some USMC guys here from Virginia, they have been a real hoot.


Ya good luck McAllister, its been nice having you as a guest in my house now get your ass down to Camp Geiger and get that training done devil dog!!!  Semper Fi brother, keep in touch.
Never Forget it, bro. That was a fine example pf the Semper Fidelis they teach from day one. Never forgotten.

Excited to get more training to be a better Marine, even if I am leaving on a "low" note. I'll redeem myself, by god!!!
HAHAHA its all good man, we know it happens.  I wont devulge any more detials.  I will let you do that.  Make sure when youre on libo to hit up La Mirage and The Cave.  Just a few sites that need to be seen while you are in J-Actionville.
What do you think of this thread, Sgt. Walsh? You think this guy's legit? Anyone with a subscription to a political/military magazine of any type could've told us about those weapons failures. It's common knowledge that an wee lil M-16 is crap.

Why do the riflemen have the best job but the worst weapons?

P.S. I heard the layout of the streets in Jacksonville were  Pawn Shop ---> Strip club  ----> Wendy's -----> Strip Club -----> Strip Club ------> Pawnshop ----> Wendy's...
...And 40,000 United States Marines ready to slap the 'boots' around a bit. Good Training.
It's obvious that both Pvt McAllister and Sgt Walsh have decided to hijack this thread.  As a result, we are all witnessing what two Marines can do when they enter a room and proceed to "TAKE OVER".  Oh, I love this stuff.....now, the question at hand, can the Griffon air lift the LG1...not.
About the US M249 SAW as previously discussed on this thread. Wanna see some pics? Then go to Foreign Militaries, and find the Armourers of AASAM thread.

I posted some pics of the M249 and other fun things this am.


It's common knowledge that an wee lil M-16 is crap.

I wouldnt say its crap. I've never had a problem with my C7 (Canadian version of the M16 in case you didnt know). I dont have as much experience with it as some of the other guys, but I do find that the C7 is only as crappy as the rifleman makes it by neglecting proper handling and care for it.