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BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

Nice. Congrats
What is your occupation?

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Hey everyone ! I was just wondering who all os headed to st jean August 5th?!

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MAAE10 said:
Hello to you all!

I received my offer last week for AVN, starting BMQ July 31, 2017! :salute:

Hey Congratulations! A fellow AVN Tech! I will see you there in July  :cdn:
Just got the call.

August 28th swearing in Ceremony & September 9th basic training. Long journey and now its a few weeks away. God I'm so fucking happy.
WestGirl36 said:
What are you going in as??

FlyLikeAnEagle said:
Also, the "recruiting councillor" also said that the trade I chose "boatswain" was to be decided by the 19th of April.