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CAF international bases, staging areas, and fighting formations

Canada and Kuwait have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish an operational support hub in the country for Canadian military forces.

An operational support hub agreement with countries and local service providers facilitates the movement of Canadian personnel, materiel, equipment and supplies.

"This MOU allows us to sustain the Canadian Armed Forces' capability to support military activities in the region as required," Lt. Gen. S.A. Beare, commander, Canadian Joint Operations Command, was quoted by the Canadian Department of National Defense. "This operational support hub is part of a vital network of Canadian military cooperation with partners throughout the region."

The new MOU, signed earlier this week in Kuwait, is an expansion of a 2011 accord with Kuwait, which established an operational support detachment in the country in support of Canadian troops in Afghanistan ....
United Press International, 15 May 14

More from Kuwait's info machine here:
Chief General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army Lt.-Gen. Staff Abdulrahman Mohammad Al-Othman met on Monday with Chief of the Canadian Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific Rear-Admiral Bill Truelove along with his accompanying delegation, during which they discussed a number of issues of common interest.
During the meeting, the two sides also addressed most important issues concerning bilateral military cooperation and ways to improve them between the two countries, Directorate of Moral Guidance and Public Relations Department at the Defense Ministry said in a press statement.
The meeting was attended by Deputy Chief of Staff of Kuwait's Army Lieutenant-General Mohammad Khaled Al-Khodr and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans Major General Bader Hajji Al-Muzain.
Furthermore, Lieutenant-General Al-Khodr signed with Rear-Admiral Truelove today an agreement on construction of a base for support and logistic operations between Kuwait and Canada, said the statement.
The signing ceremony was attended by Kuwaiti foreign ministry's Counselor Mohsen Al-Ajmi and Attache Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim.
So, we'll leave the 20-odd positions in Kuwait as is?  There's going to be some bored people there.... 

I'm unsure as to whether the wording is media interpretation or not.  As far as I know, it was always a hub and not a detachment.  It was a hub when I was there in 2012.  :dunno:
Did we previously have infrastructure or were we squaring in USAF buildings?
PMedMoe said:
I'm unsure as to whether the wording is media interpretation or not.  As far as I know, it was always a hub and not a detachment.  It was a hub when I was there in 2012.  :dunno:
Sounds like it's been a bit of both -- here's the Info-machine's version (highlights mine):
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed yesterday in Kuwait City, Kuwait on the establishment of an Operational Support Hub in that country for the Government of Canada. It was signed) by Rear-Admiral W.S. Truelove, Commander Maritime Forces Pacific and Joint Task Force (Pacific), on behalf of Lieutenant-General Stu Beare, Commander, Canadian Joint Operations Command.  Signing on behalf of Kuwait was Lieutenant General Mohammad Khaled Al-Khedher, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces.

The MOU will allows Canada to establish and maintain an Operational Support Hub (OSH) for Canadian Armed Forces personnel, materiel and equipment to transit through Kuwait to and from areas of operation outside of Kuwait, or who may be present in Kuwait.

Defence relations and cooperation between Canada and Kuwait have grown significantly in recent years. The MOU will enhance the strong, positive bilateral relations that exist between our two countries.

Quick Facts
• The MOU builds on a previous, similar arrangement signed in 2011 which established an Operational Support Detachment in Kuwait in support of Canadian operations in Afghanistan. The new MOU establishes an OSH that is broader in its mandate and scope, as it may be used to support a variety of operations outside of Kuwait including peacekeeping, development, and humanitarian aid and disaster-relief.

• An OSH is not a military base.

• An OSH is a series of pre-negotiated arrangements with other countries and service providers in those countries to facilitate the movement of people, materiel, equipment, and supplies in far-reaching locations. These arrangements can also be activated if required, in order to provide a location for these services
MCG said:
Did we previously have infrastructure or were we squaring in USAF buildings?

They're mostly in buildings the Aussies were using (accommodations, ablutions, etc) and much of the work area is a few small buildings near the airfield.  They eat at the DFAC.
R031button said:
... I'll take a posting to Jamaica...
Took a while, but here you go (via Jamaican media)  ;D
A Canadian operational support hub (OSH) being mobilised in Jamaica to support Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), will facilitate the provision of logistical support, peacekeeping, development, humanitarian and disaster relief, as well as any other operation that might arise in the region.

The hub was established in March 2016 in a memorandum of understanding between the governments of Jamaica and Canada to directly support regional disaster mitigation and climate-resilience efforts.

Located just outside of Kingston, near Port Royal, the operational support hub will provide operational support capabilities to the region in case of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or an earthquake.

Operational support hubs are a concept developed to increase Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) agility throughout the world, reducing reaction time, increasing effectiveness, and improving the flexibility of commanders to respond to fluid situations.

This is achieved through the pre-positioning of key equipment, including accommodations, communications, and utilities (water, sewer and electrical distribution).

High Commissioner of Canada to Jamaica Laurie J. Peters inspected the facility and the upgrading works, which are currently under way since January, with a focus on excavation, electrical, communications, and infrastructure upgrade.

“The existence of this hub is one which is extremely valuable to vulnerable island states, especially during the hurricane season, and is an excellent reinforcement of disaster- and emergency-support systems, which already exist regionally,” Peters said.

One of the primary goals of OSH LAC is a ‘camp in a box’, which consists of accommodations for approximately 200 people, an eating and common area, and an operation zone – all located on land measuring 150 metres by 300 metres ...
More @ link