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Canadair 515 by Viking

Colin Parkinson

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They are pitching this as a multi use firefighting/SAR/Maritime patrol

A combined Military/CCG/TC squadron doing all 3 perhaps?

And so they should it is a good airplane and does what it was designed for very very well.  But it is no speed demon.  It would do very well as a coastal patrol aircraft, based in NB and Victoria even seconded north to Port Hardy and Gander or Goose but it would definitely not do as a primary SAR.  If you bought them you would have to create a job description for them and the difficulty would be to provide crews: we are already short staffed.  Having said that, every Provincial and Territorial Lands and Forest department should be outfitted with a fleet of them; even more than they have now.
Considering the postings and type of flying it would appeal to some, also combined squadron with CCG/TC might work out, aircrew is CF and maintainers are civy.  The japanese use flying boats for SAR still.
nostalgia.  We haven't had a fixed wing amph. since we ditched the DHC2 from the reserves.  Before that it was the ALBERTS and they left late 60's I think.  Dollar one ferried them out to XE in 69 or 70.  They were too slow for SAR and very seldom was the amphib capability needed.  But  would be good for coastal work, but then patrolling is the job of the CCG.  So give them to the coast guard
Well i agree that CCG would be better, they argue that firefighting is out of their scope and more a domestic ops task for the military. I think a squadron of these as a Federal asset to assist the provinces is a good idea and initial buy would likely kick start global sales helping the Canadian aviation industry. As for military involvement, that could change with a stroke of a pen. Whoever gets it would need additional funding for sure.
Since when is forest fire fighting a military role?

One of the (few) sensible decisions made with the Griffon purchase was not getting water buckets as the Slugs (Twin Hueys) had, as those guys often spent too much time water-bucketting and too little time doing more Tac Hellish things during dry summer months.

But, anyway, buying fleets of slow waterbombers, (Too-)Small Tactical Airlifters, and armed trainers should put us in a perfect position to fight The Godless Communist Chinese Hordes in a few years.
If you get a Green-liberal-NDP government, you may find your doing nothing but fighting forest fires, they are pushing the patrol function as a sales point. The CAF does do fire fighting, just not by aircraft.
Viking Air news release:
Longview Aviation Capital Subsidiary Viking Signs Multi-Aircraft Sales Agreement for Next Generation CL-515 Aerial Firefighter & Multi-Role Amphibious Aircraft

PARIS, June 18, 2019––Longview Aviation Capital (“Longview”) and its subsidiary Viking Air Limited, a global leader of utility aircraft, support and services and manufacturer of the world-renowned Twin Otter, today announced a seven aircraft sales contract for six new-production CL-515 aircraft and one CL-415EAF.

The CL-515 is a newly developed, technically advanced multi-mission aerial firefighting aircraft – the next generation of the CANADAIR CL-415, the aviation industry’s benchmark amphibious aircraft and the backbone of firefighting missions around the globe. With enhanced firefighting capabilities, and the flexibility to support a wide range of critical mission operations, the CL-515 will be a vitally important strategic asset to fleets around the world.

The Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Defense has agreed to purchase six all-new CL-515 aircraft, four of which will be delivered in “First Responder” multi-mission configuration, and two delivered in optimized aerial firefighter configuration. The purchase agreement also includes one CANADAIR CL-415EAF “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” aircraft converted from a CANADAIR CL-215 to EAF standard by Longview Aviation Capital’s subsidiary, Longview Aviation Services.

The Republic of Indonesia’s purchase agreement is a firm commitment that is conditional only on Longview Aviation Capital’s Board of Directors approving the production launch program.