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Canadian Federal Election 44 - Sep 2021

Closer to 60-ish since 2000, but still way too few ....
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HIghest turnout: 79.4% March 1958
Lowest (election) turnout: 58.8% October 2008

Especially younger people:

Voter Turnout by Sex and Age​

The data shows that participation of voters aged 18 to 24 decreased by 3.2 percentage points to 53.9% in 2019 after seeing the largest increase for that age group in the 2015 general election (57.1%) since Elections Canada began reporting demographic data in 2004.

Neck-and-neck races are usually won by a nose on photo finish ... so to determine who the winner will be, all you have to do is figure out who the biggest liar is.
That’s only in horse racing. Not sure how you measure when it’s an ASS.
So I've done my patriotic chore and voted. I did this solely because I feel its not right to bitch about how stupid politicians are unless you have voted. The choices in my riding were dismal although the CPC support here is so strong that a dead monkey would win for them.

While I've believed ever since the writ was dropped that this election was nothing more or less than a vanity project for the dumbest Trudeau put on earth and that calling an election in the middle of a pandemic was proof positive that he is the dumbest, I didn't realize the true extent of the stupidity until I actually got to the polls.

Ours was in a community centre where all the different polls had to funnel through a small entry room were we were all held up until our poll was free. We were then funneled through a narrow doorway where you were checked off and recorded for contact tracing (my guess is there will be a lot of calls in a week or two) and then sent to our respective polls to again wait in line. All the spaces set out were more like 4 feet rather than 6 feet apart and we were crowded like sardines. Yes there were hand sanitizers and everyone was masked but the mingling was far tighter than anywhere else I've been in the last year and, of course, no one checked for symptoms of infection or vaccination because ... voting is a right ... and why would we set up a special place for the symptomatic or unvaccinated?

Why anyone in Ottawa thought it would be a good idea in the middle of a new wave of a highly contagious variant to funnel all of the population of Canada through restricted places absolutely boggles the mind. And that's before you even consider the $600 million wasted on this boondoggle.

I really do hope someone sends a message to those dumbasses. Looking forward to tonight.

I went to a local arena for advance polling, was really well set up. Voting booths properly spaced, told to bring our own pencils or pens and provided disposal pencils for those that didn’t. Proper entrance and different exit. Was Done quite well here.
That being said, I agree with you about this being during a pandemic.

Élections Canada struggled to find enough venues and staff for this. If they pull it off kudos to them. And I don’t blame them at all if some venues were terrible. I blame the guy who started this election.
Any speculation out there on how long it'll be before a new leader is chosen if current management comes in with another minority?
I voted at my local Legion, I'm waiting for the anti-Legion crowd to throw fruit at me.
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