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Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

I‘d suggest doing it as soon as possible. It will take longer than you think. you need to submit transcripts from highschool and university, letters of reference, your birth certificate and SIN. you might be able to do all the tests and interviews on the same day, but I had to wait about 2 weeks between the test and the interview.
recruiting centre-->ask ask ask
I don‘t know how long they will hold it, they held mine for two months.
How can you fail an appitude test? There is always at least one job you can do in the CF no one is that useless.
listen hear ****head I failed the app test and I applied for the infantry. 9 people went in to do the test and only 3 passed. By no means am I useless :salute: :threat:
Seems I struck a nerve, the purpose of an aptitude test is to see what you are suited for there is no pass or fail. You might not be suited for what you want but what do I know, I was only in TD‘d to recruiting for 6 months while on category.
The aptitude test measures your ability in math, vocabulary, spacial recognition, problem solving within a time limit. If a candidate isn‘t prepared, the test can be intimidating.

I suggest practicing with sample exams
( http://www.jobs.gc.ca/menu/ui_examinfo_e.htm )using the time limit and assessing where your problems will be. If you can do the tests in the time limit (or close enough) to what they recommend and can complete most of the questions, you‘re sure to be ready for the CFAT.
Ok my weakness is math, but those questions i did on the site are easy as **** . I heard there are more categories than they show on the site. Can anyone tell me the categories that will be on it? Thx

Also say i apply for JTF2 in 4 years will they check my results from app test?
Hello Guys I Need a little bit of help here. Im heading in to do my app test soon I need a few pointers on how to do well on the cfat. By the way I am applying to the infantry. Also how hard is it to pass the cfat? Or qualify for the infantry I should say. And also when is the next reg for basic starting? thanks alot. :cdn: :salute: :cdn:
The CFAT‘s not really something you can study for, you can only practice it, come to think of it I guess there‘s not much of a difference between the two.
The best practice I was able to find was an Online IQ test, which is what the CFAT seems like. It‘s not hard to find an IQ test online either...pretty much all you have to do is go to Google and type in "IQ test."
Other then that the only advice I would have is to get a good nights rest, eat a good breakfast, blah blah blah etc. etc. Pretty common stuff.
I wouldnt worry about it, since its mostly common sense questions. Remember, its an APTITUDE test, used by the CF to determine which type of learner you are (in most cases). Che pretty much hit the nail on the head, show up rested and alert and you‘ll do fine. Only pointer i could give, is make sure to read the questions carefully, and dont rush because your given more than enough time to do it.
I‘m writing my CFAT on Tues morning and was wondering if the results determine if you are suitable for the trade you selected? I‘m going reserve and chose SigOp. I was told that I would have to score high on the math and unfortunately, I suck at math. Well not completely but the problem solving and number sequences always seem to get me. So lets say I don‘t score high on the math, does that mean I will have to choose another trade? I‘ve been doing lots of different IQ tests on line to practice but you either have it or you don‘t. I‘m nervous and if anyone can offer any suggestions or what to expect, I‘d really appreciate it. Thanks.

That‘s a good test to practice with. It may seem difficult, but I think the CFAT is a bit easier. I haven‘t done it though, so dont quote me on that.

I think if your CFAT results don‘t match the requirements for your trade, you can either take it again or they give you your second or third choice of trade.
Depending on your scores the CFAT will determine if you are eligibility for the trades you selected. As with any other tests make sure you are fully rested prior to writing the CFAT, this will improve your chances of getting a better score. The policy on re-writes is rather complex and will be explained to you if you do not meet the cut-off scores for you occupation selections. Practicing similar tests as you have been doing is good. Keep it up and good luck on Tue.
Just a thought, but generally apptitude tests measure the most basic elements of any given skill set, ie math, reading comprehension, sciences, etc.

If a trade requires that you are strong in math, and you aren‘t, then pursuing that trade may ultimately be setting yourself up for a very difficult time. Things are going to move very quickly when you get to your MOC training, and (this is just my opinion)I personaly wouldn‘t want to find myself dealing with the frusteration of always feeling a step behind coupled with the fact that I was still trying to adjust to military life.

Showing up to your first day of SigOp training weak in the area of math, is no different than showing up to your first day of Infantry training weak in the area of fitness. It‘s going to be hard enough on the prepared.

I would suggest that if you really want to pursue that trade, or any other math heavy trade, that you spend some time upgrading your math at school or nightschool. Obviously there isn‘t any time to do that before you take your apptitude test, but if you should be qualified for SigOp after you do take it, then that would be my suggestion for the time that you are waiting for the rest of your application to move forward.

As I said, just a thought.

Good luck on your apptitude test!
believe me.. you don‘t need all that strong math to get into the trade.. it‘s good to have, but you‘ll also always have a pencil and paper in the back of your pod to do calculations :p
I just got back from doing my CFAT and I didn‘t score high enough in the math section, therefore, I do not qualify for the SigOp trade. :( I am a little disappointed but not entirely. I am sure I can do the job but maybe it is just not the right trade for me afterall. My 2nd and 3rd choices are available though (yes, these are my selections..hehe..RMC and SuppTech).

Right now I‘m not sure what I‘m going to do. I really wanted SigOp because of the field work. I don‘t want to be stuck behind a desk. Been doing that for well over 4 years now.

I may brush up on my math and re-write the test in 3 months or I may consider going in as a SuppTech. I could be in basic by the summer.

They did reimburse me $50 for my mileage though. That was real sweet! :)

Thanks again everyone.
I was just woundering what the policy was on re-writing the CFAT
I think you have to waite 3 months to reatake it. If you do not get a passing score the you can‘t retake it unless you have a good reason why you should be able to retake it, Like if you went and took some turtoring or went back to school.
Re-writing the CFAT does not always mean you failed.. at least in my situation it doesn‘t. I chose to re-write because I didn‘t score high enough on the math component for the trade that I want. I could have taken my 2nd or 3rd choice but I really want SigOp. Anyone know why they make you wait 3 months to re-write. That‘s a good thing for me. It will give me time to brush up on the algebra. :)

When you retest, those marks will over-write your previous marks and you can not re-write after that. No 3rd chances.

Benoit, what is your situation?