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Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]


I got my CFAT booked in a week.

I havent been the best at tests, specially test that I know that determines my future.

When I took my MCSE it took me 2 test to pass my first one just because I was so nervous my brain froze and I couldnt think of the answers.

I know I shouldnt have any problems but its been 3 years since I‘ve done highschool math.. And I heard that is on the CFAT..

So whats basicly on it?? I know there is the shapes, grammer, and math, but what type of questions? Are they hard?

Im mostly looking for the math questions.. You dont have to divide 45 divided by 137.335 or anything like that do you? heheh

A PM will help me.

Thank you very much
know your basic math like 8/3 * 5/8 and 4/3 / 9/8,
just an example, also know your geometry ex:how to calculate the area of a rectangle and so forth,
basic math and geometry,also make sure you take the test in the language you are most confortable in
good luck ,stay calm and focused
so your saying there is questions like

Divide 1/4 with 3/6 stuff like that?
I was on the recruiting page, and they have examples of aptitude tests and stuff there. I found that the ones ther where pretty easy, but who knows, the real deal might be alot more difficult.
yeah the questions on that page are super easy..

Those have to be the easy ones..

there is 15 verbal which you gotta do in 5 mins

15 Spatial which you got 10 mins and

30 problem solving which you get 30 mins...
the CFAT test is a lot more difficult then the example test

just know your math, if I remember correctly, there‘s a fair bit of division and multiplication questions

the Spatial part, is you look at a box that‘s unfolded, an you have to guess what it would look like when it‘s folded back up

then the english part is mostly, a word is givin, and you have to pick the right defination?

just take your time, dont rush it, an use the paper they give you to work out the math problems
what type of math questions??

are they really hard? Like long division and **** like that?

or are they like.. whats 5x8? or 6 divided by 3
This question has been asked before, and a link for an example CFAT was posted.

You have to remember, however, that we signed agreements when we wrote our CFATs stating that we will not discuss specifics regarding what was on the exam with anyone....
i got my cfat 2 comin up and i took the tests on some links from other threads and i didn‘t fare as well as i‘d like :confused: even took the asvac from the U.S. page 2..i‘m gonna be borrowing a friend‘s math book just to touch up as i am lost on my long division..i read on the pamphlet though that they don‘t penalize you for wrong answers...wonder what that‘s about.. :fifty:
Well for the solving problems part of the CFAT is gonna be tough..

You have 30 questions in 30 mins.. So thats a min a question.. I don‘t think there is long division on the test since it takes an average person more then 1 min to work it out.. :)
1 min per question is ALOT of time.

Believe me. Later on during basic and your
subsequent courses is when you‘ll really
appreciate the value of a minute (even seconds)

But I digress, the CFAT is not hard.
Stay calm and answer the questions that you
can immediately figure out. That‘ll give you
more time to do the ones you have problems
Well I called the recruiting office today and tould them I wanted to re-apply to the reserves. they asked me to bring in all my info again. I tould them that I had tryed the previous year and that all my info should still be on the computer and sure enough it is! so i have to go down to the office and get my files transfured from Hamilton and update any info. I‘m praying i‘ll do better with the CFAT this time! and if not I know now that I still have roads to go till i can retry. Also what in a case where somone keeps failing the CFAT, but they still come each chance and show great intrest, do they look at it in a negative way or a positive way?
I dont think it‘s negative. Of course im not in their boots so it‘s pure speculation but if you use common sense it only show how bad you want to join the CF. If you mention how hard you‘ve been trying to join and all the obsatcles you faced to the officer in your interview it will be positive for sure. The interview is where you show how motivated and how bad you want to join.
Not to mention the fact that with each attempt on the CFAT, you should be learning from your mistakes, if possible.

Then again, when I took it, they certainly didn‘t give it back and tell you where you blew it. But at least you know what to "study" on.
they dont tell you your score,i did the CFAT just over a week ago all they tell you is whether you passed or failed and what trades your eligible for
they told me i passed i didnt argue with it ;)
You can get your score through the Access to
Information Act. Of course, I never considered
it worth $5 to get my score. A pass is a pass
after all.
The ending of my college course is in the end of April, i was wondering when i should apply so that i have a chance to get into the army asap after i finish my school. Should i apply now? or around march? Thx
a lot of ppl ask this ... go to the recruiting centre and talk to them, they will know when the test dates are and give you a time frame for your area, MOC, etc.
they can also hold your file, so you can do all your tests asap and they will just hold your file. just go and talk to them.
Hey if u fail the app test how long does it take before u can retake it? I heard 1 year?? WTF?!?