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Canadian Police Enter Citizens Home


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The incident happened in Gatineau. This made Fox News last night as it was used as an example of Canada's slide into authoritarianism, although it might have happened in the US just as easily. I am not judging.

Yeah, six adults (and one child) in the house, trying to hide from police, refusing to identify themselves and one assaulted a police officer.

Two were arrested, all six got fines. The two arrested were both released at the scene.

"They treated us like criminals!" Ummm....you were treated as you deserved.

And I wouldn't expect an unbiased opinion from Levant.
As a general rule of thumb, if Ezra Levant says the sky is blue, check for yourself, and then consult another source on top of that to be sure. Multiple courts have found him to have, how shall I put it, a loose relationship with the truth.

In this particular case, police asked to speak to one of the residents, who exited the house to speak with them. There was then a refusal by an individual to identify themselves when it was made clear they were being charged, and then a resist arrest that turned into a bit of a scrap. These things happen when people make poor choices like refusing to identify themselves for a ticket and then resisting when they're arrested for obstruction...