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It isn't so much CBSA, but the idiots with CATSA.  For whatever reason at some time I was flying domestically in (army) DEU.  The CATSA contracted security guard asks me "what uniform is that anyways" and them proceeds to have me take off my oxfords because he has to check them for metal?  At the time I also had 200 brass unit coins in my case they didn't even notice when it when through the xray - loaded into a sock, I could have taken over the Westjet flight...
captloadie said:
Wrt the replica firearms, I remember from my time on deployment that the regulations were fairly strict in some respects. The weapon had to be made inoperable by a licensed, commercial gunsmith and provide a certificate I believe. Abdul from booth 27 wasn't deemed to have the required quals, and I think the CoC also ixnayed the gun plumbers from doing it on the side (because they couldn't provide the certificate).

For your friend who imported the weapons, was this entirely on the civilian side (meaning he didn't ship them in UAB or bring them back on a service flight)?

No he is a full licensed firearms dealer and importer brought in by ship.