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Custom knife makers

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Assuming you have issues with knives bought off the shelf from various companies, especially two under the GSM umbrella with horrible customer service...

if i were to sit down and consider what i want in a knife especially handle length and material plus the rest of it... are there any individuals here... SOF community -- i'm looking at you because you will take a knife far, far more serious than someone that just trains in the country they live:

mixed results/searches on the internet... not much in canada from what i can find unless i'm looking in the wrong places... can assume that someone has knowledge and experience even if it's over twenty years in that craft but, they may not be as proficient as they appear (hobby vs life); can anyone recommend anyone that you or others have turned to with specific knife specifications/requirements/dimensions and that person(s) or entity(ies) turned out that product that has served you (very) well for years both inside and outside of work and is perhaps to this day your 'go to' knife for everything? something that met and exceeded your expectations that was designed to your liking?

all that i'm looking for at this point is who to go to.

don't say "etsy" to me. if you can help it.
This hit is exactly what i'm looking for.
Is the tactical tano that he crafted still being used today by that infantry unit?
No idea. I have a knife he made back in 2005 and it's still going strong.
I'd like the admins delete my account.
And inform me about it.
Post or otherwise.
I'm aware of the 24hr bit.
Instead of either deleting or moving my previous posts to another forum that seems more like deleting.
Thanks for the responses provided on this topic.