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Decimal to Metric Visual Acuity Chart (Scholarly Source)


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I am currently in Japan getting my eyes checked before I go to ACS next week and the doctors here only measure visual acuity using the decimal system and Landolt C charts.

My visual acuity results were 1.5 in decimal in both eyes.

Does anyone know of a good conversion chart from decimal to metric that preferably is from a scholarly source like a peer reviewed academic medical paper or journal?

From what I can gather from non-reliable sources like Wikipedia, my vision converts to around 6/4 6/4 using the metric system which is V1, but I am not sure. The reason I would like the chart from a reliable source is so that I can hopefully convince the optometrist here to fill in the forms from the CAF using metric instead of decimal (I am only covered by Japanese health care so taking the test in Canada would cost me ~$300 while in Japan it cost me ~$30). Unfortunately, I was told the CAF will not accept the results in decimal.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.