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EME Officer competitiveness


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I know this is a tough question to answer unless you're on the selection panel, but I'm asking to see if current EME O can give their perspective.

Is EME O really competitive?

I have it as my second choice, but would happily accept it and would consider it equal to my first choice (Eng O).
I'll provide more info.

The reason I ask is because I really can't wait to get into the military. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to join the military. Given the current economic situation (less jobs) and the fact that our involvement in Afghanistan is coming to an end, recruitment is particularly competitive (it would seem anyway).

I was given a fairly high score by my MCC as well. He didn't tell me what it was, just that it was high. He also said that their are not many spots left for either of my top two trades and so he couldn't say if I would get an offer (understandably). He said that my education and life/work experience are near ideal for both Eng O and EME O.
And just for interest's sake, my dad retired as a CWO in the EO Tech trade. I would be proud to serves as part of the EME branch and so would he.
Generally, it's relatively easy to get accepted into EME.  The type of degree and the environment tends to limit competition.  Keep in mind though, that you need to be reasonably fit and able to work in stressful environments to pass your training.  We had about a 20% failure rate on my DP1.
Thanks for your reply!

I've since accepted an offer for Eng O. EME was my second choice.

I'm really looking forward to the physical aspects. That's a big part of the reason I'm leaving the industry for the military!
Congratulations.  You'll definitely see some of the physical aspects during your training.