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Employment Opportunities


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I come across various job opportunities from time to time and will post them under this thread title. Feel free to do the same!

​The B.C. Legislative Internship Program is now accepting applications. See How to Apply​ for more information.


The British Columbia Legislative Internship Program was established in January 1976, patterned after the Parliamentary Internship Program introduced in the Canadian House of Commons in 1969. Faculty members of the then three major universities in British Columbia initiated the program. The program continues to be advised by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and the University of Northern British Columbia.

The program is open to B.C. residents who have a recent Bachelor's Degree from a Canadian University.

City of Toronto uses an on-going application process for Operations Firefighter, Calltaker/Dispatcher and Fire Prevention Inspector / Public Educator.

First Class salaries for Operations Firefighter, Calltaker/Dispatcher and Fire Prevention Inspector is $90,623 (January 1, 2014). That is Base Pay only.

See also,

Posting Date 13-Nov-2015
Closing Date 27-Nov-2015

Must possess current Certificate of Qualification (Ontario) Truck and Coach Technician (310-T).

Keep an eye on the Ronin Rescue site. They offer free training for veterans:

In November 2015, we will be providing the opportunity for Military Veterans and Reservists to partake in the Construction Safety Officer, two week, full time training program. This will be followed by a one week Occupational First Aid Level 2 course. This is a joint venture between ER Plus Risk Management Group Inc. and Ronin Safety and Rescue Inc. The programs will be conducted in Richmond, British Columbia with a maximum of 15 students. Our goal is to offer this course at no cost to the veterans and reservists.
Canadian armed forces

Toronto Primary Care Paramedic ( PCP ) Level 1 Part-Time

Posting Date 04-Dec-2015
Closing Date 05-Jan-2016

I am amazed the Department is now hiring part-timers. They never had them when I worked there.

Calgary Catholic School District is hiring qualified teachers and support staff.

BC Forest Safety Council seeks new CEO

November 2, 2015

The Board of the British Columbia Forest Safety Council is undertaking a search for the next CEO. The Council supports the timber harvesting, silviculture, sawmilling and pellet manufacturing portions of the forest industry to eliminate fatalities and injuries. The CEO supports and influences the industry via leadership that shifts thinking while supporting industry efforts through the Council staff. The industry is comprised of over 5,000 large and small companies employing more than 25,000 people throughout the province. With this wide diversity and the ongoing interface with government, unions, industry associations and WorkSafeBC, the CEO requires exceptional communication and relationship skills to support the industry to achieve World Class safety results.

For more information go to BC Forest Safety Council.

Something ( current/former/PRes/Regular ) Supply Techs may find of interest,

City of Toronto

Posting Date 18-Dec-2015
Expiry Date 06-Jan-2016

Job Type Permanent, Full-Time 
Salary/Rate $60,717.00 - $90,623.00 / Year

Reporting to the Captain - Quartermaster, the firefighter will be responsible to:
•Administer and issue the supplies, equipment and stock requirements of Toronto Fire Services Division including station supplies, uniforms, station wear clothing, firefighting personal protective equipment, medical supplies and other items as required.
•Ensure supplies are ordered and distributed to appropriate locations.
•Maintain and monitor a computerized inventory database of all stock, supplies, uniforms, and personal protective clothing and department equipment as required.
•Enter on-line requests for stock, supplies, uniforms and station wear clothing as required.
•Ensures the quality and quantity of inventory; completes non-conformance documentation for unacceptable materials.
•Completes orders, verifies filled orders for accuracy prior to issuance.
•Maintain adequate stock and supplies to meet projected requirements.
•Receive goods from outside sources and verify same for quality and quantity in accordance with Purchase Order.
•Responsible for regular cycle counting of stores inventories; investigates and reconciles discrepancies.
•Verify all receiving reports, packing slips, invoices, etc. are verified as correct and indicate the correct purchase order number prior to forwarding them for payment processing.
•Extracts, reviews and analyzes inventory data on an on-going basis to establish and maintain adequate inventory levels in an emergency services environment.
•Assist the Captain and/or Manager in the preparation, monitoring and presentation of budget requirements relating to responsibilities of the section.
•Monitors and takes action to enquiries directed to the general Quartermaster email account.
•Maintain the stock, inventory areas, building, vehicles are kept in a neat and orderly fashion and ensure that all areas are secure to minimize risk and cost to the City.
•Other duties as assigned.

Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to:
1.Education and/or experience in one of the following: materials management, asset management, warehouse operations, Fire Service supply & equipment / Quartermaster operations, inventory control practices and procedures, or other related operations. Knowledge of material requisitions, packing slips and goods receipts are assets.
2.Experience working with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc). Experience in the use of an automated inventory system such as SAP is an asset.
3.Must possess a valid Ontario Driver's License Class "G" and meet the requirements necessary to receive a City Equipment Operator's License as required.
4.Must be familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations that apply to this work.
5.Must possess the ability to meet the physical demands of the position, which includes considerable lifting, standing, climbing and walking.

You must also have:
•Ability to assist the Captain / Manager in the creation of material specifications and detailed material descriptions.
•Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions.
•Oral and written communication skills.
•Ability to follow through on oral and written instructions/directions.
•Problem solving/analytical skills.
•Interpersonal/interaction skills when dealing with the public, Fire Services staff and all levels of City personnel.
•Ability to work within a team environment as well as independently with minimum supervision.
•Ability to work in a diverse work environment.
•Ability to effectively prioritize tasks/demands.
•Customer service skills.
•Minimum of level C CPR Certificate issued no more than 3 years prior to the date of application.
•Minimum Standard First Aid Certificate issued by a WSIB approved First Aid Trainer and no more than 1 year prior to the date of application submission

( Once you are in the union, you can apply for transfer to Operations. )

See also,

City of Toronto
Dispatch Opportunities

( Clean, inside work with no heavy lifting.  :) )

The BC Public Service is posting 10 pages of jobs here: https://search.employment.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/a/searchjobs_quick.cgi
City of Toronto
Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management

Posting Date 17-Dec-2015
Expiry Date 08-Jan-2016

$90,981.80 - $106,888.60 / Year


City of Toronto
Posting Date 22-Dec-2015
Closing Date 11-Jan-2016

Readers with experience in vehicle fleet management may find this of interest,

City of Toronto
Posting Date 17-Dec-2015
Closing Date 14-Jan-2016

Salary $142,087.40 - $166,948.60 / Year
Monday to Friday, 35 Hours per Week
Today is the Closing Date for Primary Care Paramedic ( PCP ) hiring by the City of Toronto. For future applicants, I will post the information here before they take it down at the end of today,

Major Responsibilities:
•Drives and/or attends in an Ambulance or other Divisional vehicles for the transportation and care of sick, injured and convalescent patients, including those with infectious diseases, to and from hospitals or other destinations as directed.
•Provides casualty care according to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) BLS Patient Care Standards for all patients encountered, under the direction of or by standing orders from a Base Hospital physician or direction from a Level 2 or Level 3 Paramedic.
•Performs Basic patient care functions according to the Basic Life Support Standards, Divisional Standard Operating Procedures and Base Hospital Medical Directives, e.g., assumes control of a patient’s ventilation by employing either self-inflating bag device or mechanical ventilator, CPR, control of hemorrhage, oxygen administration, immobilization of fractures, manual defibrillation, approved symptom relief drugs, etc. Standard life support procedures may be changed as medical standards evolve.
•Responds to the patient with the appropriate equipment based on good judgment, available information and Divisional policies and procedures.
•Monitors, observes and records changes in patient’s condition and carries out treatment as directed.
•Transfers patient from vehicle to treatment centre, and assists in transfer of patient from stretcher to examining table, cot, stretcher, bed, etc., at a treatment centre, etc. and transfers back to vehicle, etc., where necessary.
•Reports by radio or telephone to dispatch centre concerning patient status and preparation for return to Station, etc.
•Ensures that proper inventory checks of supplies and equipment are performed according to Standard Operating Policies and Procedures, and makes adjustments as required reporting any errors or omissions.
•Ensures ambulance exterior, interior, medical equipment and supplies are clean and serviceable.
•Promptly provides incident reports, accident and other related reports and forms, to the supervisor for review.
•Prepares stretchers and equipment for service and reports to dispatch when available for next assignment.
•Completes all documentation as required as per MOHLTC BLS Patient Care Standards and/or Toronto EMS Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.
•Completes any and all documentation as requested by Toronto EMS management
•Inspects ambulance and completes required check sheets.
•Carries out housekeeping duties at a Station and those duties that may be assigned in the course of providing ambulance services. Ensures access areas to Station are clean.
•Participates in research studies as required.
•Performs other related work as assigned.

Key Qualifications:

Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to:
1.Successfully completed a MOHLTC-recognized course for Primary Care Paramedic provided by a College of Applied Arts and Technology or equivalent.
2.Successfully completed the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistants (A.E.M.C.A.) examination or be AEMCA pending as specified in the Ontario Ambulance Act.
3.Must be able to achieve and maintain current certification in Symptom Relief and Defibrillation under the Ontario Base Hospital Group and meet cross-certification requirements with Sunnybrook Base Hospital.
4.Must produce proof of mandatory immunization and maintain all immunizations as required and specified by the Ontario Ambulance Act.
5.Must possess a Class “F” Ontario Driver's License, or better, and meet all requirements for licence maintenance as set forth in the City of Toronto's Fleet policy and be able to qualify for the City’s equipment operating permits.
6.Must not be convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude for which a pardon has not been granted.
7.Must meet all requirements for employment as a Paramedic in Ontario as per the Ambulance Act.
8.Must not have had Driver's License suspended for two years prior to application, and not have more than three demerit points issued against his/her Ontario driver’s licence.
9.Ability to pass oral, written and/or physical examinations pertaining to procedures used in emergency patient care as set by the Division.
10.Thoroughly familiar with the Highway Traffic Act and Municipal Traffic By-laws.
11.Must be physically capable of performing required duties.
12.Must be available to work shift/weekend/overtime/on call duty.
13.Must be familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations that apply to this work.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide all of the required documentation listed below. You will be required to provide a copy of the document and present the ORIGINAL upon request.
Candidates with missing documentation may not be considered in the hiring process.
Note: Copies should be single-sided and free from staples or hole punches.
Due at STAGE 1 – Written Exam
 Original F Class Driver's Licence
 Original A-EMCA or College Diploma/ Expectation to Graduate letter
Due at STAGE 2 - Interviews
 Current Resume
 3 References:
Two references from a previous employer and one reference from a professional
Do not list your preceptor
 F Class Driver's Licence
 AEMCA or College Diploma/ Expectation to Graduate letter
 OASIS ID (If currently employed - for Certified applicants)
Due at STAGE 3 – Practicals
 Original Physical Agility Examination (PAE) certificate (Ability Works) or Physical Agility Assessment (PAA) certificate (Sibley) dated within 6 months of test date
 *Physician Questionnaire (A current version of the Toronto Paramedic Services' P.Q. only – ORIGINAL required)
 Include Proof of Immunizations for:
- Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
- Hepatitis B
- Varicella
*Yellow Immunization cards or certificates not accepted
 Valid CPR certificate (should not expire prior to first month post orientation)
 Valid Standard First Aid certificate required if not AEMCA certified (should not expire prior to first month post orientation)
 Current International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) certificate (within the last two years)
 Original Criminal Record Check (regular criminal record check by police service only) dated no earlier than 30 days prior to your Practical test
 Driver's Abstract Waiver
 Eligibility To Work Form
Due at STAGE 4 – Driver Test
 Original Driver's Abstract dated no earlier than 3 days prior to your test

STAGE 1: Written Exam
Toronto Police College – 70 Birmingham St. Toronto
100 multiple choice question exam utilizing Scantron cards (pencils provided). 2 hours.
The exam is based on: The Ambulance Act, MOH BLS and ALS standards 3.1, A & P (general), The Highway Traffic Act (as it applies to ambulance), and the Occupational Health & Safety Act.
You will be required to show your F licence and AEMCA or AEMCA pending (expectation to graduate letter) for entry to write the exam.
Casual attire permitted.

STAGE 2: Interviews
Those successful at Stage 1 will proceed to interviews. Mini Multiple Interview format. Approximately 1 hour total time. Please arrive at least a ½ hour prior to the scheduled time for any documentation processing.
Uniform or business attire.

STAGE 3: Practicals/ Lifting
Multiple scenario format, including communication scenarios, trauma and medical, and a lifting component. You and your partner will be together for the duration. 4 hours.
Proof of physical capability (PAA, PAE, or PAV) required prior to admittance. Your PAA, PAE, or PAV must be no older than 6 months from the date of your test.
All Documentation is required at this point. Please arrive at least a ½ hour early to process documentation.
College or allied uniform and safety shoes/boots required.

STAGE 4: Driving Test
Current Driver’s Abstract must be presented on test date. 2 hours.
This is outdoors, dress for the conditions. Safety shoes/boots required.

STAGE 5: Base Hospital Certification
Candidates receiving an offer of employment will be required to attend Sunnybrook Base Hospital’s certification process, including orientation, auxiliary orders and certification testing.
Candidates currently certified, in good standing, with an Ontario base hospital physician and who are currently employed as a paramedic, with a paramedic service, will be required to cross certify with Sunnybrook Base Hospital.

Toronto Paramedic Services will require proof of a valid Class F Ontario driver’s licence, and AEMCA, College Diploma or a letter of expectation to graduate for admission into the entrance exam.

Toronto Paramedic Services requires proof of a valid successful Physical Agility Evaluation (PAE) or PAV document from Ability Works or a valid Physical Agility Assessment (PAA) document from Sibley and Associates prior to STAGE 3 (Practicals). Your PAE, PAV or PAA must be no older than 6 months from the date of your test.

You must have authorized Ability Works and/or Sibley to release the “verified” results to Toronto Paramedic Services. Please contact Ability Works at www.awci.ca or Sibley at www.sibley.ca for more information.

I'd like to express my appreciation for you people who are taking the time to post in this thread.

Eight years ago, the industry I was working in went belly-up and I can tell you that when it comes to trying to find a new livelihood, every source of leads is both valuable and appreciated.

Between ex (as opposed to retired) military types and various civilians who may peruse this site, you never know who might benefit from the information posted here. Especially considering the hammering that the oil patch is taking right now.

I know first-hand how much it sucks having to pull up stakes and start over again at the bottom. It sucks even worse to have nowhere to go, so thanks again and please do keep it up.

Edit: for spelling
Bass ackwards said:
I'd like to express my appreciation for you people who are taking the time to post in this thread.

Eight years ago, the industry I was working in went belly-up and I can tell you that when it comes to trying to find a new livelihood, every source of leads is both valuable and appreciated.

Between ex (as opposed to retired) military types and various civilians who may peruse this site, you never know who might benefit from the information posted here. Especially considering the hammering that the oil patch is taking right now.

I know first-hand how much it sucks having to pull up stakes and start over again at the bottom. It sucks even worse to have nowhere to go, so thanks again and please do keep it up.

Edit: for spelling

Here are a few external job opportunities. They are open competition. ie: open to members of the public. The Relative Ability Process applies.
City of Toronto Ongoing Job Opportunities

See also,

City of Toronto Job Opportunities

Some may not seem like much, but they can be stepping stones into Local 416. Once in Local 416, you will have access to internal job opportunities. ie: better jobs.
Internal job opportunities are closed to the public, and the Senior Qualified Process applies,

A volunteer position but good training and contacts:

North Shore Rescue is looking for some new blood to join the team. The volunteer group is accepting applications for potential new members until Friday, Jan. 8.

“Just through attrition, we’re starting to see a bit of turnover now so we’re really looking for a new injection of keen volunteers. To put it really simply: people who are willing to crash around in the bush and be ground-pounders. That’s what we need,” said Mike Danks, North Shore Rescue team leader. “There’s a lot of camaraderie on the team. It kind of becomes a way of life when you’ve been on the team for five years-plus,” he said. No bones about it, committing to the team requires a lot of time and flexibility in order to be present for training and rescue calls, which have a habit of coming in at the most inopportune times and lasting for hours or days, Danks said. But saving lives has a way of being addictive, Danks added. “When I first started, I was just so incredibly keen and excited when the pager went off in those days. It’s like the hunt is on, trying to find the person in need,” he said. The ideal new member is someone who not just knows the trails but is also a model hiker – someone who carries a first-aid kit and extra equipment to be able to help another hiker in need. You still get to recreate in the North Shore Mountains, Danks said, you’re just more likely to be helping carry someone on your way back out. Applications can be made through northshorerescue.com. - See more at: http://www.nsnews.com/news/north-shore-rescue-seeks-new-volunteers-1.2144044#sthash.T8pj4nE7.26G2vfkO.dpuf

Must be registered as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) with the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

Salary/Rate $84,666.40 - $99,481.20 / Year
Monday to Friday, 35 Hours per Week

Closing Date 08-Jan-2016

Not sure of their ranking system. But, going by the Sunshine List, Engineer promotes to Senior Engineer > ?

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Feb. 10, 2016 /CNW/ -- Signarama Canada is excited to announce the launch of Opportunities for Veterans, a program that offers an established turnkey business opportunity that truly recognizes military personnel for their years of service.

Signarama is soliciting applications from veterans interested in being part of this program. The first successful applicant will have their franchise fee waived entirely, and all other qualified entrants will receive substantial savings on their fees.

In addition, for every veteran who opens a Signarama franchise, the company plans to donate $5,000 towards military initiatives, and is actively reviewing opportunities within the military community to make a difference.

"We're doing this for many reasons," Al Aroud says. "The main reason, quite honestly, is that Canada has been extremely supportive of our cause in Syria. We're from Syria (originally), and we feel like it's a way of showing veterans that we care for what they have done, and here's a way for us to help and give back if we can."

Benefits of owning a Signarama Franchise include no evenings or weekends, low staffing requirements, 70% of business is serving local businesses in your community, no experience in the sign business required, great margins, mentorship for up to one year with an experienced owner and you get to be part of a proven business that has been operating for 28 years!

The application deadline is June 1, 2016. To participate you must be or be qualified to be an honourably discharged Canadian Military Veteran, and you must submit a short (500 words or less) profile, outlining your experience and service within the Canadian Forces.

For more information on how to apply, please visit: www.signarama.ca or email: franchising@signarama.ca.

About Signarama Canada

Signarama is the largest sign franchise in the world, standing as the leading innovator in the industry. Signarama was also named #1 sign franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for 2014. Signarama is the best in the business and will start you off with all of the tools that you need to succeed.

SOURCE Signarama Canada


City of Toronto

Captain Fire Boat

Permanent, Full-Time 
Salary/Rate $48.13 - $51.87 / Hour

Posting Date 12-Feb-2016
Closing Date 29-Feb-2016

Key Qualifications:
1.Secondary School education or an approved equivalent supplemented by courses and experiences.
2.Possess a Radio Operator's certificate of a restricted radio-telephone operator category.
3.Possess CIW 150 Certificate; however preference will be given to higher weight certificates.
4.Successful completion of Marine Emergency Duties and Simulated Navigation courses.
5.Experience in ship and small vessel (i.e. tug boats, etc.) handling.
6.Experience directing emergency operations and the ability to direct and oversee a crew.
7.Excellent interpersonal and communication skills along with good judgement in public and personnel relations.
8.Ability to make clear, precise decisions in accordance with established policy.
9.Ability to prepare detailed comprehensive reports and complete and maintain accurate records.
10.Knowledge of all relevant by-laws and legislation.

According to the Sunshine List, Toronto Fireboat Captains were making $129,207.57 with $846.76 in Taxable benefits.
City of Toronto


Salary/Rate $31.37 - $34.34 / Hour
Hours of Work (bi-weekly) 80.00

Posting Date 19-Feb-2016
Closing Date 04-Mar-2016

•Receives driver reports, reviews and clarifies information for accuracy
•Conducts preliminary assessment and generates repair orders in M5
•Schedules work and monitors maintenance as per periodic maintenance (PM) and Periodic Mandatory Commercial Vehicle Inspection (PMCVI) Program and other maintenance schedules, as required
•Monitors outstanding jobs and determines priorities with Supervisor, reschedules work if necessary
•Sends repairs out for Warranty or contracted services in consultation with Supervisor
•Follows up on units waiting for parts and/or labour
•Contacts clients for scheduled, completed or other repair work issues
•Checks times and charges for accuracy and confirms with Supervisor
•Prepares daily reports including materials/equipment used, hours worked, quantities of work items completed and other relevant information
•Processes service calls including dispatching mechanics to conduct road repairs
•Arranges for external services for vehicle repair
•Maintains, enters, edits, updates and completes work orders using the computerized Maintenance System
•Works in conjunction with the Lead Hand to plan, schedule and organize shop work flow

Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to:
1.Previous experience working in a fleet customer service environment.
2.Extensive experience in all aspects of maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment.
3.Extensive experience using relevant computer applications (MS Word, MS Excel) and Fleet operating systems such as Asset Works, M5 or equivalent operation systems.
4.Must possess a valid Province of Ontario Driver's License, Class G, with an acceptable drivers record as per the MTO policy (non-probationary) with a drivers abstract that demonstrates the ability to obtain a Class DZ driver's license.
5.Must be eligible to qualify for the City's equipment operating permit in accordance with Fleet Safety Policy.
Clean, inside work with a climate-control thermostat on the wall, and no heavy lifting.  :)

City of Toronto


Permanent, Full-Time

Salary/Rate $27.80 - $41.49 / Hour

Posting Date 07-Mar-2016
Closing Date 21-Mar-2016

Major Responsibilities:

Under the direction of a Communications Division Captain, responsibilities for this position include the following:
•Receives emergency calls from the public and other agencies
•Quickly analyzes the information received from the caller and dispatches the required emergency vehicles
•Efficiently operates console equipment, including telephone, radio, status control and computer aided dispatch
•Follows established procedures in making calm, cool decisions as required in an emergency services environment
•Has a good working knowledge of available resources to support emergency scene operations
•Liaise with senior staff to provide situation updates
•Liaise with TFS Apparatus Command Vehicles, Police, TTC and other authorities to provide fluent situation updates
•Liaise with communications technical support and other service agencies and reports to ensure proper operation of call during response situation and to ensure continuous and efficient operation of all equipment associated with operating of communication centre

Key Qualifications:

Your application must describe your qualifications as they relate to:
1.18 years of age or older.
2.Legally entitled to work in Canada.
3.Possession of a current and valid minimum level C, CPR Certificate issued prior to the date of application submission.
4.Possession of a current and valid minimum level Standard First Aid Certificate by a WSIB approved First Aid Trainer issued no more than 1 year prior to the date of application submission
5.Must be able to work day, night and weekend rotating shifts (incl. holidays).

You must also have:
•Must be able to distinguish between colours codes for dispatch functions and must be able to hear within normal range.
•Must successfully pass psychometric testing if required.
•Must successfully pass "Criticall" communications testing.
•Accurate and efficient keyboarding skills (minimum 40 words per minute)
•Good knowledge of Toronto streets, major public buildings and general city topography.
•Must be familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations that apply to this work.
•Ability to work effectively under stressful conditions.
•Excellent communication skills with ability to speak clearly, calmly and in an easily understandable manner on radio and phone.
•Problem solving and decision-making ability.
•Interpersonal/interaction skills when dealing with the public, Fire Services staff and all other levels of City personnel.
•Ability to work in team environment.
•Abiltity to work independently with minimum supervision.
•Able to effectively prioritize and multi-task including handling both call taking and dispatching functions using computer aided dispatch and radio communications systems.
•Abiltiy to work and positively interact within a diverse work environment.
•Customer service skills.
•Commitment to personal and professional development and in continuing education through ongoing learning.