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FS: 1964 Pattern Cargo Pack


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1964 Pattern Cargo Pack



It's got two basic shoulder straps and buckles, a mesh padded back, one large compartment with fly closure, two exterior pockets with fly closure, one smaller compartment on the bottom with a zipper and fly closure, and what looks to be a carry strap from one side to the other.
The only tag or markings in it were under the top lid;


"Textile Industries Ltd, December 1965"

I don't really know the value of the pack, or how rare they are, but I'll set the price at $50 OBO.
This was typically the pack we used in the winter, with the framed pack (jump ruck) used for the temperate season. Those that liked them, like them a lot. Those that didn't, hated them, mostly because they have no frame and have to be packed wisely to prevent sagging.

This is the true pattern 64, not the framed jump ruck which has been misnomered so long that the name has stuck.

The one great feature, that should be on all rucks, IMHO, was the head strap that you wore around your forehead. This helped support it and took the weight off your shoulders. I firmly believe it allowed you to carry much more weight, but a whole lot easier than with a normal ruck.

Separate compartment on the bottom for your sleeping bag and I don't know how many liters for the main bag, but they hold lots.
I was one of the haters. I did not find that the tump strap (head strap) helped at all. Maybe it takes longer to get used to it. I got these issued for summer exes, though, and the C2 rucksack for winter ones when I did Reg F exes in my Militia days. That may have been because the 64 Pattern cargo pack was falling out of use by then. I have one buried away somewhere.

There are cheap imitations available. These amuse me.
I loved mine, it was indestructible, held a ton of shit, and didn't need bubble wrap or pipe insulation wrapped around the lower frame bars to be comfortable.  The mesh back was a technological leap forward too, minimized the dreaded salty sweatyback,  eewwww.
;D Lol, I still have the cargo with a 'frame' attached for stability. Used extensively while I was a much younger bugger in cadets. Given to me from a retired relative that hated jumping with straps holding his kit, so moded the bag with cutouts and the lower 'D' rings removed and sanded out. I actually used the frame for training plates for Ironman az well as Nigmegan(excuse my Dutch). Love the bag though, it held evewrything a cold war kid needed for the mass invasion of NA.