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FS: Eagle Industries DFLCS Pack


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This is the Multi-Mission Pack made for the DFLCS collection from Eagle Industries. The sale is just for the pack, no pouches or patches.

From the website;
The MMP kit is a medium sized backpack which features a rigid spine plate for protection and comfort, a removable padded waist belt and padded adjustable shoulder straps. The outside of the MMP is covered with webbing as well as several cinch straps so you can tighten down the equipment load. The MMP also has a top ports for an antenna or hydration tube and there is a drag strap on top of the pack. There are three (3) external zippered compartments and two (2) side slide pouches, a hydration pouch and one (1) additional pouch with webbing located on the main flap.

    Treated for Near Infrared spectral Reflectance (NIR)
    1000 Denier Cordura in Olive Drab
    Three (3) outer zippered pockets
    Two (2) external side slide pockets with webbing
    Two (2) internal side slide pockets
    One (1) internal pocket with webbing
    Padded shoulder straps and waist belt
    Side retention straps
    Internal hydration pouch
    Accessible using MOPP gloves
    Drag strap
    Antenna ports
    Internal spine plate
    Grommet for drainage

Internal capacity is approx. 31 litres.

PRICE = $170 OBO
I'm just trying to clear out space in my garage and basement so all prices are OBO;


DEI #1606 rucksack frame in tan;
-I had it rigged up previously for my jumpruck, worked great, and gave me plenty of options for carrying a mortar.
Price = $30


CPGear Nuke Bag in CADPAT;
-I've had this bag since Basic, always made for a nice go-bag, but I haven't used it for years.
Price = $35


Eagle Industries LE Chest Rig in foliage green;
-Might have carbon stains on it, I've been using it as a C9 rig. Nice and light with a map pocket inside.
Price = $45

Pantac(?) MOLLE Belt in foliage green;
-Has pads on the inside and cutaways so you can attach your holster to the internal belt.
Price = $30


82 Pattern Webbing;
-4x C7 magazine pouches, C9 box pouch, bayonet frog, buttpack, canteen pouch and KFS holder. Great for any collector or OPFOR.
-I picked it up while I was in Gagetown and it's only been used for OPFOR taskings.
Price = $40

I'll be posting more as the week goes.
EI MMP and P82 Webbing are sold.

Cheers  :christmas happy:

Eagle Industries LE Chest Rig - $45
-Foliage Green
-I put a foam layer inside.


Pantac Battle Belt - $30
-Foliage Green
-Size Large

Eagle Industries Radio Pouch - $15
-Olive Drab

Pantac Horizontal GP Pouch - $15
-Foliage Green


Eagle Industries Shotgun Pouch - $15
-I cut the elastic webbing off the inside to use it as a small utility pouch.

TT Hard Case - $15
-Foliage Green

Eagle Industries 100rnd SAW Pouch - $30

HSGI Grenade Pouch - $15
-Olive Drab

Eagle Industries 3-Mag Shingle - $30 each
-Two available


DS Tactical Ball Cap - $10

CPGear Tacvest Adaptor - $5

CPGear Flashlight Pouch (Belt) - $5

HSGI Nalgene Pouch - $25