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If a commisioned officer gets in CANSOFCOM, what type of job can they expect?


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I will be applying for ROTP as an infantry officer but I was curious, to my undertsanding, an officer commands from a farther back position using his radio to stay in contact with higher ups and be able to communicte with his troops whilst possibly being at a close enough distance to the front to engage with hostile elements. how would the experience be different if the officer were to join CANSOFCOM, possibly Csor, whilst still being a rank that is present on the field. Will he go on missions with a squad of men, or simply be the one to organize the mision? is he in the stack when breaching or will he be the last in the room after any threat has been neutralized? is there a way for the officer to be more involved in missions should they elect to do so? are their chances to get into any of the SF branches worsened due to not being NCM? and I guess lastly, in breif, how would a Commisioned Member's experience differ from a Non-Commisioned member's experience in special forces units?
don’t take this as me being a dick. But concern yourself with getting accepted first. You will need to spend time in the caf before you can apply to cansof