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Image Technician

Just for the record, I don't have professional, or other, photography training (I'm sure my high school course from 10 years ago doesn't count) but I just got the offer for Img Tech today. I do have 2 years of college for Publishing though which dealt with photo and video editing, writing, graphic design, etc. So, while I'm sure courses in photography are a great advantage, related education/experience is valuable aswell.
Hi, i have a question about the trade. Any of you guys know when the next image tech course is?

http://www.recruiting.forces.gc.ca/engraph/home/jobs_e.aspx  Hi there any question about the trade your asking should be found here in the above link just copy paste it in to your address bar
Hey guys.

I'm looking at persuing a career in photojournalism once Ive completed my schooling.  Currently I'm serving with the Westies as 031.  I'm really curiouse as to the possibility of becoming an image tech, reserve side.  I'm not really sure who to ask, I don't even know if my section staff would know anything about the trade, but obviously next chance I get I will ask.  But I thought Id throw it out there.  Now, my search did yield some results, links infact, to the DND site.  They were about the trade, both reg and reserve side.  But they don't work.  I'm thinking the pages aren't up anymore, as Ive looked on the DND site before for info on the trade, and couldn't really get any.  So any info or live links I could get would be greatly appreciated.


There you go.

Hey, thanks.  That was the site that wasnt working.  Bad link or something.

Awesome! Thanks alot.
Hi there! My name is Clarice.

I am a digital photography and imaging student. For one of my assignments, I am required to interview a photographer. I did begin the recruiting process for the air force, however, I decided to go to school first. As a result, the only photographers I am truly interested in hearing from at this moment are image tech's, so here I am.

Some of my requirements include having the person's name and current location (this can be general). I think my professor just wants to make sure I am not making up answers. Below you will find general questions. If someone can help me with this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

1. How long have you been in business?

2. Why did you decide to be a professional photographer?

3. Why did you decide on this location?

4. What type of photographic work do you do?

5. What is the most rewarding aspect of this work?

6. What is the most challenging part of this work?

7. What do you think the future of professional photography holds for us?

8. How do you primarily market yourself?

9. Do you have a portfolio?

10. Does a website help to bring in business?

11. What advice do you have to a student of photography?

12. Do you feel as though other fellow image techs are competition, or do you feel as though they are more like

13. What sorts of things did your occupational training consist of? Did you learn a lot of technical things such as creating "correct" exposures, or other topics related to using the camera?

14. Who do you submit your photos to after a day's work? Are you notified at all if your images will be published?
Hey guys/gals,

My first posting on here but I have a fair bit of experience with the military, having spent seven years in the reserves and a sandbox visit. I am looking to apply to become an image tech once the hiring freeze is over, and I am wondering if there are any image techs on here who ca help me with a few queries.

I have only talked to image techs on ex, what do you do on a normal 9-5 day?

How often do you travel for exercises/events/etc?

Are you sent on tour with the same frequency as everyone else?  Are your tours 6 months, 9 months?

Are you married to a base for your first year while you build the portfolio and more mobile after that?

if you can answer any of these questions it would be appreciated.

I researched as much as possible about Imagery Technician NCO position for about three years before making the decision that I really want to do this.  What I found out was that the trade is nearly impossible to get in to, but that hasn't put me off.  I am aware of what is required for training and travel and expenses, but what I can't seem to find an answer to is how the posting works.

Once I am finished BT I am going to be posted somewhere, but I don't know where.  And now that I am with an Avionics Cpl, there have been a few people in and now retired from the military that have warned me that we could be posted on separate sides of the country regardless of whether or not we request to be posted together.  This concerns me as is it completely undermines my career goals and makes me very aware that I have a hard decision to make in the future. 

So can anyone tell me if that is true? I do not want to have to choose between my significant other and my career. 

I know what I want and I also know what I DON'T want. I do not want to be posted across the country from him just because of my trade, if that's how it is, then that's life and I'll have to make lemonade from lemons some how. 

But if someone could answer my question, it will be very much appreciated.


So can anyone tell me if that is true? 

Yes, it is true. While every effort is made to locate you both together, you may find yourself posted to different locations at any time during your career. Your significant other is a Cpl and should have known this and told you as much.
I've tried searching but was unable to come up with anything.....

I'm just looking for some information on the image tech trade, specifically what kind of contractual obligations it carries and time lines and location of trade courses.

I know of several people who SVOTed from the infantry but that route isn't open to me.  I just want to look into the trade a little and see if an OT is even remotely possible and what kind of obligations will it carry.


Does anyone know if Image Tech is open? I am debating CTing and Re-muster from Res-SigOp to Reg-ImageTech.

Greetings all,
I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what the Image Tech course curriculum looks like?
I am planning to put in a VOT. Image Tech is one of the trades I am highly interested in. It was not open when I enrolled so I ended up in the infantry. My spouse is posted to Petawawa. I am trying to find more information about how this trade would effect postings and if I stand a chance of being home regularly or if I would always be gone. This reason alone effects whether I choose it or not. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone in this trade. Thanks.