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Jeffrey Epstein, found in his prison cell.

He would never be housed in GP. Such a high profile case and handled so poorly. 🤦‍♂️
SeaKingTacco said:
I think the more likely possibility than Mr Epstein having been murdered is that he was "encouraged" to commit suicide and then given the room to do so.

More likely is that he was feeling his world of supreme entitlement and debauchery tumbling down around his ears. People with a lot less trouble then him have committed suicide.

When you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras.

Hamish Seggie said:
I also think whatever department in charge of that jail needs to be investigated.

Looks like they are,

Hawk Sawyer, ( the new acting head of the Bureau of Prisons ) testified in Congress on Tuesday that the Bureau of Prisons has identified a number of other instances where guards skipped inmate checks and referred those cases to the Justice Department inspector general.

"We are zealously going about trying to determine which of our employees are good employees and who do their job, and that is the vast majority of prison staff, but we do have some I know out there who obviously choose not to follow policy, choose not to do their job, and we want them gone," she said.

I think just the fact of how E. was handled as a prisoner points directly to a cover-up.

Was he murdered? I think if he was; we will never, ever be allowed to know. Just picture that as the result of an official investigation; "Yeah, this guy with dirt on the Clintons and tons of others was totally murdered in US Federal Custody." The press would have the choice of going to war with some of their biggest backers or revealing themselves as integral to covering these crimes up over the past number of decades.

The very idea of an official coroner's report coming to that finding is like a government townhall; the issue was decided. But we needed to be able to say that we looked into it and consulted with the people the decision would affect.

There was never going to be an official ruling of murder, no matter what.

Did he kill himself? If he did; he was explicitly allowed to do so in order to effect the cover-up.

Lots of internet conspiracy theories,

Associated Press
November 23, 2019

NEW YORK (AP) — At another time in history, the indictment of two jail guards responsible for monitoring Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself might have served as an emphatic rebuttal to suspicions that the wealthy sex offender was actually murdered.

Not in 2019.

Conspiracy theories continued to flourish, even after prosecutors took pains to point out the ample evidence backing a medical examiner’s determination that Epstein hanged himself.

Video surveillance confirmed, they said in a news release and an indictment, that nobody had entered the area where Epstein was locked in his cell.

The locked door to the unit, they said, could only be opened remotely by an officer in the jail’s control center, plus there was a second locked door to which only correctional officers assigned to the high-security housing unit had the key. Epstein had no roommate, they said, and had died alone.