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Life after the CF with depression.


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So I am currently medically release for a separate medical Issue. I have also been diagnosed with Persistent Depressive Disorder with Dysthmic Syndrome while in the CF. I feel this probably could of also got me medically released if it was diagnosed before.

After reading up on it, it explains a lot of my symptoms perfectly, almost like I am reading a journal.

I am unsure where or when it started in my life. There is no 'aha' moment where I can say it started on this day. All it came on gradually while in the CF and eventually became the norm for me (being depressed).

I am prescribed an Anti depressant, I am not convinced they help completely. I have been on them before and both times I was on them I went through a rehab program for an addiction that I was having trouble with. Every time I seemed to get a little better, but I am unsure if it was the therapy I was having, the pills, or a combination of both.

I promised my Doctor just before I left the forces that I would stay on them for a year.

I have to say I am starting to struggle a little bit lately. I am still going through a transition into Civi life and I have no family doctor. This is going to take some time and I think they would be the biggest help. But I know that is a situation I am powerless in.

I currently have about 2 months of pills left, I am building a support structure to help with my addiction (I've been sober 14 months). But sometimes it all just feels so exhausting. Say what you want about the military medical system, but it so much easier to get seen and have a history with someone.

I guess I'm in a weird situation, as I don't feel comfortable going to a random clinic and talking about my situation every time I need a 'tune up' so to say. I hate talking about my depression because it makes me feel week and I have an issue with trust. Even if the lack of trust is unfounded.

I do have a claim in with VAC for my mental health. More so for the ongoing support than any financial award. Though it hasn't been approved yet. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Has anyone here transitioned into Civilian life with a depressive disorder who can give some recommendations? I know I can call the VAC mental health line, just want to see what options are open to me.

Ironically, even though I feel the depression really started while in the CF, I felt it helped me cope with it.

Thanks in advance.



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In a perfect world you would have been transitioned through a military case manager to a civilian mental health care practitioner who would provide you continuity of care and follow-up.

The military life style assuredly helps us cope with depressive disorders because of the regulations, routines, stability and predictability.

You can find some options here: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/services/health/mental-health/other-services  and here: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/contact

Availability of services may depend on your location.

I have been on two anti-depressive medications for a total of 18 years.  Life is much better with them than without them.  Finding out they were working fine after you go off them may be a situation better left unexplored.