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Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread

The Renault UE Chenillette was a light tracked armoured carrier and prime mover produced by France between 1932 and 1940.
You guys are to good for full pics

Nope only about 7800km off and about 30° of latitude to high  8)

The country of manufacture is quite close to home.
Hmm, Papa New Guinea or Indonesia...or perhaps even Malaysia


I was right, it's a Malaysian Ford Lynx

Very good the one I took the picture of is at the Police Museum in KL, well worth a visit. The turret was fairly common on Brit light armoured cars. judging by the fort gate in the background likely your picture is from Malacca or Penang. Also go to Port Dickson for the museums there.

We should get a ship and aircraft version of this thread going.