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Name This Photo!!! - The AFV Recognition Thread


Good luck!

Its Iranian. Based on the m60 by the looks of the mantlet and the little bit of hull showing. Possibly m60-2000?
Yes. It´s the M47M Sabalan with an 105mm canon.

And it´s MCG´s turn.

Looks like a SciFi doomsday cannon on a T-54 hull
KerryBlue said:
Progvev-T, based on a T-54 I think. T-54 hull with an MIG-15 engine used to clear mines.

I thought it might be a big honkin flame thrower.....
The floor is open.  Next person ready with a picture can put it up.
Probably an easier one for the older fellas and Old Sweat, you are not allowed to answer.  There are a few others that shouldn't answer too (you know who you are).

If you know it, give the other guys a chance.

Hint for hardcore newbs, it's Canadian.

I've seen this in person, pretty sure it's in the RCA museum in Shilo. M113A1 with AN something rather radar. Don't remember the exact designation.