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Name This Ship!

IIRC, she was mostly all white when I did the Thames boat tour in 14.  They must have been getting her ready for the dazzle paint job.
I was thinking Thames....someone else beat me to the google-search though!
Almirante Grau (CLM-81)  Peruvian Navy

No, I'm not an aficionado of naval vessels - the title of the picture gave it away.
Or before that it was the HNLMS De Ruyter (C801) of the  Royal Netherlands Navy
Blackadder1916 said:
No, I'm not an aficionado of naval vessels - the title of the picture gave it away.


I'll just step back now...
Lumber said:
HMS Calypso/Briton?

Your got it.


What she looked like in full glory.


And what she looks like today.


The aircraft is a Su-30MKK of the Peoples Liberation Army's Navy, onboard the PLAN ship Liaoning.
Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark preparing to take off from Liaoning (Varyag) Aircraft Carrier
Yep. You got that one NFLD Sapper. I failed to notice the canards the first time I looked. Well done.

BTW W601, one of the little clues that drove me to the Chinese side was that, clearly, it was Russian made or based equipment, but the deck crew is wearing colour coded vests associated to their task, which is an American/French (and I suppose soon British) practice that the Russians and the Indians have never adopted.
I got nothing at this time, I defer the next vessel to Oldgateboatdriver...and if he has nothing then the floor is open....
I've got one for you all.

There are 3 vessels in this photo taken from the deck of a fourth.

Name the 3 in view. (Bonus if you can name the fourth and where they are all currently located).
USS Joseph P. Kennedy
USS Lionfish
DDRNS Hiddensee
USS Massachusetts

They are all located in Battleship Cove,in Fall River, Massachusetts
Photo taken from the USS Massachusetts, three ships in the picture are:

USS Lionfish
USS Joseph P Kennedy Jr

Location is Battleship Cove: