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NES while waiting for med release


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So got very restrictive MELs and waiting for hear from D Med Pol for a very possible med release. Been going to the reserve unit at least one parade night a month given that I cannot attend weekend exercises and such. Last parade night I attended was in end of Jan. Now got an email stating that they will be putting me on NES and asking if I want to go on ED&T. Does anyone know if going on ED&T would jeopardize the probable med release ?
If you and your CoC are following your MELs correctly, then weekend Exercises or additional training should not count toward accounting toward NES.
Ok thanks I guess I'll head in next week to write an ED&T memo. My impression was also that to be put on NES you needed to miss 5 consecutive parade nights, so I was surprised about the email since I was in in Jan and def didn't miss 5 in a row.

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In my experience, sometimes the Orderly Room will identify people as candidates for NES without talking to the members' chain of command. It might be worth getting your chain involved; an email from your boss to the Orderly Room might be all it takes to solve this problem.